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“In the middle of difficulties lies opportunity,” said Albert Einstein.

Like many other kids stuck at home, I too was wondering what to do with the time I had. I spent most of my time reading and writing stories that interested me. I would write stories and present them to my family as a practice for my upcoming Trinity exam in ‘Speech and Drama’. When I had a good number of stories, I thought it would be nice to type it out too. Before I knew it, I had a collection of ten stories that I liked.

My dad came up with the idea of me compiling all my stories to create a short storybook. We were working towards the target of publishing a short story book by my birthday on the 30th of July. The book contained twenty short stories and hence the name ‘Twenty Dimensions of My Muse’. Every single character in the book is very personal to me, they all are so relatable, and some influenced by a few of my favourite characters from other books. My main goal in this book was to create interesting plots for all readers and make warm and fun characters. In most of the short stories I read, the story gets over before the reader gets to know the characters and learns to love them. I wanted to make characters that the reader would love from the start of the story. While writing, I improved my English and in the process of writing stories also enhanced my vocabulary.

Writing the book and editing the stories took more time than I thought it would, but it was gratifying to see my book on kindle, that too on my birthday morning. I also cherished the thrill of people appreciating my work.

Advika Mishra
Class 8 – The Brigade School@Mahadevapura