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The Brigade Schools have always created a wide range of opportunities for the students to meet their intellectual and developmental needs at different stages of schooling. The Mind Space Activity (MSA) day conducted every year encourages and inspires the students to discover their innate abilities and hone their skills in various fields.

The MSA day (2022-23) held for grades 9 and 10 provided a platform for the students to research, reason, and discuss Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The audience was welcomed and introduced to the world of Artificial Intelligence. The students spoke about the history of AI and its application in different domains such as e-commerce, education, healthcare, lifestyle, navigation, robotics, etc. A presentation on Artificial Intelligence by a group of students highlighted the emergence of AI, its advantages, and disadvantages to human beings.

A special interview with Mr. Praveen Francis, a professional in AI, gave an insight into the future of AI and its impact on different walks of life. As an expert in the field, he asserted that AI would outperform humans in most fields, including creativity and innovation, by 2030.

The programme’s final segment, the debate on Artificial Intelligence – A threat to humanity, took the event by storm. Mr. Shaurya Soni, an alumnus of The Brigade School (Batch of 2016), was the moderator for the debate. The debaters who spoke on the topic put forth the hazardous repercussions of the extensive use of AI, such as cybercrime, data breach, unemployment risk, apathy towards emotions and feelings, etc.

The opposing team members focused on the enormous benefit of embedding AI into life such as traffic control, new inventions, daily applications, zero risk, unbiased decision-making, etc. All the participants exhibited their oratory skills and displayed their knowledge of the topic.

Parents appreciated the students for their excellence in oratorical skills and teachers for their guidance. They thanked the management for creating an opportunity for the children to explore new avenues and master their talents. The MSA Day ended with a feeling of accomplishment among the students as they realised their skill to delve deep into research and their ability in public speaking. Students garnered encouraging remarks from their parents and their teachers and are looking forward to the next round of debate and rebuttals in the next academic year.
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