Our school strives to provide the best learning environment for students, with spectacular infrastructure and world-class facilities.


The Brigade School @Mahadevapura is set in a 4-acre plot, conveniently located off Whitefield Road in Mahadevapura. The school campus comprises of a magnificient building, designed in a contemporary architectural style, surrounded by landscaped gardens and sports facilities. The infrastructure and facilities are of a high order, making student life a truly memorable experience.


The school has ample grounds for field events, a 200m track for athletics and a swimming pool for strong integration of sports into education. We offer exceptional coaching and robust facilities for sports like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Swimming and Athletics.


The students learn applied science in large and well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry and Biology. They explore technology and the World Wide Web in spacious computer labs with individual work stations.


The habit of reading is instilled in children at an early age with a versatile fully-stocked library.


The school has access to the air-conditioned auditorium, which accommodates 760 people and is used for various cultural and celebratory occasions like Annual Day, etc.

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