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The United Nations Assembly established World Environment Day in 1972. This was the first day of the Stockholm Conference on the human environment. The day holds great significance as it instituted on the 5th of June. A day when everyone pauses to introspect on our contributions towards protecting our “big blue” plan for the future, to educate our future generations. The Science department conducted a virtual Special Assembly, hosted by the students of grade four to eight. The theme of this year’s celebration was ECOSYSTEM RESTORATION,

Aashish Sinha of The Brigade Schools @ Whitefield welcomed the students and staff and explained to the audience the importance of World Environment Day. The students of grade six to eight were allowed to contribute creatively by participating in an acrostic poem competition. Entries for it flooded in with poems written using the words “ENVIRONMENT” and “ECOSYSTEM”. The judges had their task cut out for them as the children had written very imaginative poems. Bhanavi S from The Brigade School @ Whitefield was one of the competition winners. Her poem was displayed on the screen during the programme.

A short video on the importance of the day was further reiterated with a demonstration on making a bird feeder using recycled waste like a plastic bottle, a clothes hanger and some thread. This demonstration was followed by a presentation on biodiversity. It made the students realise that our future depends on Mother Nature and that we thrive when she thrives and we falter when she falters.

The song “Khud jeeyo aur sabko jeene do” described the importance of the fact that we are not the only species that exists on our planet. This was portrayed through a dance performance. Our graceful dancers swayed to the heartbeat of ‘Mother Nature’.

The students were then, introduced to some world-renowned Green Warriors like Greta Thunberg, Rajendra Singh, Salim Ali, Sunderlal Bahuguna and Salumarada Thimmakka. This brought home a very important lesson that to save our beautiful green Earth there is no age, gender or nationality needed. The green warriors of our school lent their melodious voices to the Hindi song “Phoolo ne jaake, mitti se poocha”.

The power of citizen activism was depicted through the story about Ms Usha Rajagopal. She and her team of ordinary concerned citizens, restored and revived the Puttenahalli Lake which became a habitat for migratory birds by 2012. To end the programme the students and staff at the Brigade Schools took the Brigade Schools Environment Day oath with conviction and fervour.

A clear lesson came across that it is never too late to contribute, even in the smallest of ways. We should never stop contributing to save our planet and all the creatures that reside in it.

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