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Brigade Foundation is a Not-For-Profit Trust, registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act on 13th July 2003. The Trust promotes and sustains Education, Health and Community Development in Karnataka. Two-decade journey of the Foundation represents far more than the mere passage of time. It embodies a legacy that embraces the shared responsibility of caring within our institution and the community we live in.

Under the Education umbrella, the Foundation has established three schools: JP Nagar, Whitefield and Malleswaram.

They are institutions of all-around excellence focused on providing world-class education within city limits. With an exceptional curriculum, an excellent team of facilitators and a deep value system the aim is to shape young students into responsible citizens of tomorrow.

They recognise the unique potential within each child and provide them with facilities and opportunities to help them reach their maximum potential.

Backed by state-of-the-art infrastructure and outstanding co-curricular activities, the schools provide a nurturing and learner-focused environment. This helps in the all-round development of children.

The Brigade Foundation

The Brigade Foundation is a Not-For-Profit Trust, registered under the Karnataka Societies Registration Act on 13th July 2003. The Trust is to promote and sustain Education, Health and Community Development.

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Health Initiative

Health Initiative: Advancing Quality Healthcare

Brigade Foundation has partnered with St. John’s Medical College and Hospital to establish the St. John’s Health Centre at Brigade Meadows on Kanakapura Main Road. Additionally, it has collaborated to launch a comprehensive 100-bed hospital at Brigade El Dorado project near the Bangalore International Airport. Committed to serving the underprivileged, the Foundation aims to provide accessible and quality healthcare, addressing challenges and supporting those in need. This collaboration represents a significant step toward enhancing medical facilities and positively impacting the lives of individuals residing in North Bangalore.

Community Development & CSR: Empowering Underprivileged Youth

The Foundation’s focus is on empowering underprivileged youth, with a special emphasis on women. It has planned and initiated skill and vocational training programmes in the hospitality, construction and retail sectors.

 CSR – Brigade Foundation has undertaken numerous CSR initiatives, such as establishing an Institute of Skill Development and Training on 5 acres of land


The sole objective is to empower underprivileged youth, with a direct focus on women. Skill and vocational training initiatives, which will help young women gain employment, have been planned/initiated. 

An Institute of Skill Development and Training, is being established on 5 acres of land, allotted by the KIADB for this purpose.


"What we instil in our children, will be the foundation upon which they build their future."


Honour Code

  • We follow an ‘Honour Code’ in conduct and behaviour.
  • We teach our students to be honourable in their actions.
  • We instil values such as respect towards other children, teachers and support staff, responsibility for one’s actions, teamwork, leadership and more.
  • The robust value system builds a strong ethical and moral code over time, shaping honest, sincere and diligent individuals of the future.


  • We focus on developing qualities of ‘Passion and Compassion’ in one’s character.
  • We encourage our students to discover their passion, and begin their pursuit of excellence in academics or other activities at an early age.
  • At the same time, we reinforce the importance of compassion and concern towards those less fortunate around us.

Introducing the KNIB Initiative

KNIB standing for ‘Knowledge and Information Bank’ is an initiative to maintain a central repository, of all education-related resources and information concerning pedagogy, curriculum and training. (Copyright Brigade Foundation 2009). KNIB, staffed by a dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals is accessible and open to all our schools.

Our Vision

"Our vision is to be an institution of excellence with every child continuously improving his/her learning ability under the motivating guidance of competent facilitators, and by the use of excellent tools in a safe and secure environment."

  • We uphold four ‘C’s that play an equal part in making an exemplary academic institution – Children, Coaches, Curriculum and Character. Our vision is to be an institution of excellence with every child continuously improving their learning ability under the motivating guidance of competent facilitators, and by the use of excellent tools in a safe and secure environment.
  • We believe that every child is a unique individual who possesses an inherent potential to do more. Our objective is to identify, tap and develop this potential through personal attention, encouraging open communication between students and faculty.
  • We aim to strike the right balance between instilling firm roots in our land, culture and ethos and developing a world view of different cultures, religions, lifestyles and viewpoints.
  • We believe that education involves far more than the acquisition of knowledge and that co-curricular, collaborative learning and working culture are as important as academics.

Our Motto

“O nanna chetana, aagu nee aniketana” “O my spirit, transcend all boundaries!”

Our school motto is an extension of our philosophy – ‘Let the spirits fly and let the mind soar into new horizons’. The motto drives us to build a nurturing environment and facilitate opportunities that enable our students’ spirits to grow without any bounds, encouraging them to seize countless opportunities and follow their dreams.

Our school motto is from the Kannada poem Aniketana (Boundless) written by Kuvempu, the great Kannada poet in 1956. In this poem, Kuvempu seeks to inspire his spirit to break out of the narrow confines of home, religion, and country, reaching for the eternal and the universal.

Our Logo

Our logo, the seagull, represents the soaring spirit and intellectual freedom. The yellow box stands for energy, optimism and happiness. Derived from a Kannada poem, our motto symbolises the rootedness of our ways while the English script reflects our universal outlook.


Neighbourhood School Model

The schools built within city limits, with excellent infrastructure and facilities, ensure children's time is spent constructively by avoiding long exhausting commutes. The neighbourhood school model provides time for families to bond and students to explore new hobbies and improve their creativity.

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