A wise person once described a school as a building that has four walls with tomorrow inside. The focus of education at The Brigade Schools Bangalore embodies this idea – by giving students the deep roots they need to soar successfully into the future.

"There are two lasting bequests we can give our children:

One is roots. The other is wings."

-Hodding Carter, Jr.
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Motto and Logo

Our motto and logo are reflections of the values and philosophy we uphold at The Brigade Schools.

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Easy Origami Tutorial: Tissue Paper Flowers

It’s summer and flowers are blooming! Why not make some of your own? Use this easy tutorial to create some beautiful craftwork and an even better bonding experience with your children.


We focus on inventing and reinventing a curriculum that is innovative, contemporary and meaningful to provide an international standard of education.

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Academic Approach

Our academic focus is based on a philosophy of teaching that is consistent with exemplary practices, and meets national standards of education.

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The Jump Start advantage for pre-primary children is unique to The Brigade Schools.

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In keeping with our philosophy of developing a versatile child with a balanced outlook, emphasis is placed on imbibing values like respect, tolerance, integrity, and personal accountability

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As students move into the final years of schooling they are guided and motivated to handle the challenges that come their way during these crucial years.

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The Brigade schools are dedicated to fostering a well-rounded educational experience. We firmly believe in nurturing the holistic development of our students, ensuring a harmonious balance of their intellectual, physical, and creative facets.

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Our Schools in Bangalore

Our three schools at JP Nagar, Whitefield and Malleswaram, give the children a head start with the benefits of a unique, Montessori based pre-primary education.

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