Co-Curricular Activities


"An active mind cannot exist in an inactive body"

The Brigade schools have a strong conviction in wholesome learning. Balancing mind, body, and spirit for optimal growth, sports are a part of the student's weekly schedule. All three of our schools provide ample spaces and experiential coaching for sports like Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Athletics, Swimming and more.

All-round sports activities promote an active body and better physical health while educating students on the values of teamwork, discipline, and true sportsman spirit.


"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all!"

The Art & Performing Arts (APA) department in the Brigade Schools firmly believes in Albert Einstein’s words; “Logic will get you from A to Z, imagination will get you everywhere.” What better way than to give wings to the creativity of the mind than music and dance? 

Our schools provide versatile programmes in Fine Arts like sketching and painting and Performing Arts like music, dance and theatre, spurring creativity and unleashing powerhouses of talent to reach greater heights.

Music – The students are taught a variety of styles and genres for music appreciation.They learn to express themselves using the lessons they have learnt, along withinnovation to make their projects unique.

Dance - The dance curriculum is a blend of different styles. This fusion of diverse influences creates a well-rounded and comprehensive dance education.We embrace the importance of discipline in dance, which helps us to stay focused and persevere in attributes that are vital to all aspects of learning.

Fine Arts - Our visual arts curriculum teaches our students to compose and design – to use different media in original and meaningful ways.



"Learning by doing"

Mind space encourages children to put their theoretical learning into practice and 'learn by doing'.

Mind space addresses the physical, mental, and social dimensions of growing up. General knowledge, special computer workshops, life skills, debate seminars, science activities, etc. are conducted under this domain.

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