Frequently Asked Question’s

A: There is no discount in fees for any pupil.

A: Uniforms, books, transport (if provided by the school), special excursions etc will have to be paid for separately.

A: Information on the application procedure is available in the Applications link.

A: Please call the school for fee details.

A: 36 students.

A: For those seeking admissions, an informal interaction will be conducted in which both pupil and parents have to be present. The final decision of the admission committee will be binding.

A: There is no specified syllabus for the interactions. Interactions are concept and skill-based rather than syllabus-oriented, i.e., based more on what the student should know at his/her age.

A: Applicants will be informed directly by the school administration regarding the dates.

A: It will combine the best from Montessori and standard teaching practices. Classes will be fun-filled and activity based

A: We do not offer any foreign language as a second language.

A: No, seats are not reserved for residents living in the above mentioned apartments.

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