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Sometimes we forget just how special grandparents are. To celebrate their grandparents, the UKG students from The Brigade School @ Whitefield put up a fabulous programme on 26th July, 2022. The show was compered confidently and enthusiastically by Anvita Agrahari of UKG, section A, and Hriday Khadke of UKG, section B. The children showed off their dancing skills by swaying to the song ‘Happy Grandparents Day.’ Based on the theme ‘Spain’, a foot-tapping melodious Spanish song ‘Oh Grandma … Grandpa’ was performed. It made all the grandparents smile. Impressed by the talented tiny tots, the grandparents hit the ramp to pick Spanish hats, castanets, fans, and maracas of their choice and sashay down the catwalk. They also merrily danced along with their grandchildren to a Spanish rhythm as part of the grand finale. The vote of thanks was given by Neysha Gupta of UKG, section B. The grandparents were amazed when they were given Spanish hand fans, a takeaway made by our UKG students. They were happy to see their photographs on display and had an enjoyable time identifying their pictures. They appreciated the display board showcasing messages from their grandchildren. The most popular place in the school was the photo booth where the grandparents clicked pictures with their loved ones. They thanked the school for making them feel special and allowing them to have a memorable time at school.
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