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We at The Brigade Schools, encourage our students to think out of the box. Our schools organise interesting activities which go beyond the classroom, to bring out the underlying talent which many of our students are blessed with. This also enables the child to develop natural abilities and potential, and to practise the skills necessary for creative expression!

The students were introduced to the painter Pablo Picasso, with a short description about the artist. The children were excited to be doing something different. Doing this activity helps them develop aesthetic awareness from an early age.

Pablo Picasso, a famous Spanish painter and sculptor, was one of the greatest artists of the 20th century. The meaning of the word sculptor was explained by using a picture card, to enable children to understand better.

The birthplace of Picasso, Malaga – Spain, was pointed out to the students by using a map. To make the class more interactive the children were asked which continent the country Spain was located in.

Cubism, an artistic style introduced by Pablo Picasso was explained to the children by cutting out the form and reassembling it in an abstract form, highlighting the geometric shapes to create a collage like effect

This activity integrated Art, Geography and Math, a great way to teach the young students different subjects.

The children were happy colouring a tulip template using different colours.
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