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A Heartwarming Grandparents’ Day at The Brigade School @Whitefield

On a picturesque afternoon of July 26th, 2023, The Brigade School @Whitefield transformed into a haven of joy as it hosted a truly heartwarming Grandparents’ Day event. This special occasion, dedicated to honouring and appreciating the invaluable contributions of grandparents in our lives, brought together generations under one roof, weaving cherished memories.

The event, attended by a multitude of enthusiastic grandparents of the UKG Class, radiated an aura of warmth and togetherness. The school’s commitment to diversity was prominently displayed right from the beginning as the event commenced with a gracious welcome speech in three languages: English, Hindi, and Kannada. The welcome, delivered by Ellyn, Ayaan, and Monitha respectively set the tone for the afternoon

Guiding the audience through the event’s enchanting moments were the young comperes, Vibhav and Krystal, who added a touch of innocence and exuberance to the proceedings. The UKG children, the stars of the day, dazzled everyone with their impressive musical and dance performances that showcased their talents. Their voices echoed with love and adoration as they melodiously sang “Dada Dadi,” a poignant Hindi song dedicated to their beloved grandparents.

The vibrant rhythm of celebration continued with a captivating dance performance by the students of UKG, choreographed to the lively beats of the song ‘Ban Than Chal.’

Cultural richness was further accentuated when the students rendered a soul-stirring Kannada song, The theme for the year, ‘Rajasthan,’ was ingeniously woven into a delightful ramp walk organized by the teachers. Grandparents donned various props, embraced the Rajasthani culture, and gracefully walked down the runway.

Grandparents Day showed us that the spirit of fun and enthusiasm transcends age. It was a fun day enjoyed by all.
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