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Celebration of Sportsmanship – Sports Day

The Brigade School @ Whitefield

The Brigade School at Whitefield hosted its Annual Sports Meet for Grades 1-5 on January 17, 2024. The air was filled with excitement as the festivities began with the March Past led by Aditi Gattupalli of Grade 5. Samvruth of Grade 5 carried the school flag with pride. The beats of the drums and the tune of the bugle set the tone for the day.

Amidst cheers, Mr. Cheria, Administrator – Brigade Foundation, addressed the gathering and encouraged students to keep up their sportsman spirit.

The event unfolded with each grade presenting unique displays of talent. The students of Grade 1 demonstrated teamwork in a mass drill, showcasing their ability to seamlessly work together. Following this, the spotlight turned to the students of Grade 5, who captivated the audience with a yoga display. The comperes explained each asana in detail, and the final yoga formation was executed with precision. The parents, as well as the students, supported the participants with their cheer and enthusiasm.

Adding a twist to the day, an obstacle race designed for parents saw them joining the challenge with zest and zeal, further enhancing the spirit of the event. The prize distribution ceremony followed, acknowledging the achievements of the young athletes. Dignitaries felicitated the proud winners, each medal symbolising a well-deserved victory.

The Annual Sports Meet at The Brigade School was not just a day of athletic prowess; it was a celebration of sportsmanship.
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