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It was a virtual Christmas for all the three Brigade Schools this festive season, but there was no dearth of excitement among the children.

The celebrations began with a brief introduction to the significance of the month of December. The children understood that December 25th is celebrated to mark the birth of Jesus Christ and that this month brings a lot of joy, fun, laughter and gifts.

Christmas was depicted by showing the children pictures of beautifully decorated Christmas scenes and playing the famous Christmas Carol “Joy to the world”. They were taught the value of spending time with family and friends, exchanging gifts and baking delicious plum cakes to make Christmas special.

The children were amazed and thoroughly enjoyed well-lit houses and Christmas trees decorated by their teachers. They were then taught how to make a Christmas tree of their own and stick their own picture on their artwork. They loved and enjoyed taking part in this activity.

The next part of the celebrations was “Story Time”. The teacher explained to the children who Rudolf was and what role he played during Christmas. A video was then played narrating the story of Rudolf, the red-nosed reindeer. This story taught the children to be kind to all, spread happiness and to never make fun or tease others because everyone is special.

Santa Claus was introduced as the jolly white-bearded and big-bellied man who brings gifts for the children. They not only sang but also danced joyfully to this song.

Finally, Christmas celebrations would have been incomplete without singing the famous carol “Jingle Bells”. The teachers, as well as the children, sang and danced to the tunes of Jingle bells.

The children enjoyed themselves thoroughly while learning about Christmas.
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