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Art & Performing Arts

The Brigade School @ Whitefield

Every year Children’s Day is celebrated with joy and excitement on the 14th of November. Teachers conduct programmes for their students giving them the opportunity to celebrate and rejoice this special day. The programme began with the teachers conducting the assembly. Ms. Stanley rendered the school prayer, Ms. Sunil Kumar shared the motivating thought for the day, emphasizing children must be bold, believe in themselves and understand that nothing is impossible for a willing heart. The Children’s Day speech by Ms. Sunil Kumar commemorated the 133rd birth anniversary of the first Indian Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. She highlighted the unparalleled vision that he nurtured for children. Ms. Sijo wrapped up the morning assembly by delivering the National pledge.

The much-awaited cultural programme commenced with a brilliant dance performance by the teachers of the pre-primary section. Next, the English department sang ‘Live your story, a popular song by Disney. The presentation was superb, with unified vocals inspiring children to ‘dream, see, write and live their story and be the champions of the future.

Followed by this, the Kannada department teachers displayed the adorning of ornaments by men and women. The students enjoyed the simplicity but richness of Indian culture.

Ms. Chitrangada Singh recited a poem in Hindi, ‘ Pyaare Bachhe’, written by her. The message was clear, to work diligently & keep going until you have achieved your goal.

The Art and Performing Art department enacted a comical skit, ‘A Day in school’. The students were thrilled by the amazing performance of their teachers. The mathematics teachers took centre stage with a vibrant, enthralling puppet dance, resulting in thunderous applause from the children for their power-packed performance. The grand finale was ‘Quirky Paatshaala’, enacted by the science and social science teachers. The satire displayed the everyday activities of the diverse subjects taught in school, interspersed with foot-tapping Bollywood songs. The vice-principal, coordinators and the administrative team danced to ’Jerusalema’. The students reacted with thundering applause.

The vote of thanks by Swayam Tayalia of std 10 was a tribute to the teachers with lots of appreciation. The students were thrilled with the outstanding cultural performance by their teachers. Their happiness and gratitude stood testimony to the magnificent celebration.
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