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The Brigade School at Whitefield conducted ‘Fantasia – A Literary Activity’ on 18th August 2021, encouraging the students of standard 7 to express their ideas and passion for literary activities on a virtual platform.

Activities were woven around the world of fantasy based on the books Harry Potter and Percy Jackson. This event provided a platform for the students to bring out their literary capabilities and give flair to their creative aptitude.

Aditi Heeralal of standard 7B welcomed the esteemed guests to the fantasy world of magic and adventure. The hosts for the show, Pahal Maheshwari and Ashish Sinha, compered the whole proceedings. The program started with a tribute to the superheroes Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

The next segment of the program gave the audience a peek into the eye-catching and persuasive world of bookmarks crafted by our Remarkable Readers. This segment of the program emphasized the importance of reading and encouraged the students to develop the habit of reading books.

The Polyjuice Potion Punch made by our Culinary Connoisseurs magically accentuated the vitality of the spectators.

Another art integrated activity that observed maximum participation of the students is redesigning the book cover. Each of our Illustrious Illustrators redesigned the cover page of their favorite book by integrating art and technology. Our designers spoke about their designs and the ideas that inspired them to do the same.

The next activity in the schedule coaxed all the participants and audience into instantly weaving a story based on the series of pictures displayed. The spectators were divided into four teams. Each team was sent into a breakout room to discuss the elements of their story. The word weavers from each room collated the ideas of the team members and presented their stories to the audience back in the main room

The next interesting segment, the Story Wheel, was presented by our Stupendous Strategizers. They focused not only on the elements of the story but also reflected the message that the story wants its readers to comprehend.

Finally, the game ‘Who am I?’ provided fun and much food for thought. The characters from the much-loved books of ‘Harry Potter and “Percy Jackson” were magically brought back to life by our Marvellous Masqueraders. Each performer was dressed as the character and gave hints by reciting a prominent dialogue.

The audience had to guess who the character was. The audience appreciated the performance of the artists and had fun figuring out the characters.

The program finally came to an end with a formal vote of thanks by Tanvi Rao. The entire program was enjoyable and would remain indelible in the memory of one and all.
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