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The Brigade School @ Whitefield – Fire Drill (2022-23)

The Brigade School @ Whitefield organized a fire drill on 11 January 2023. The objective was to make the children aware and prepared for any emergency due to an accidental fire outbreak. The Fire Drill was conducted by the District Fire Officer and his team from the Fire station, Whitefield. Children were evacuated from the school building, ensuring they followed the fire safety route map and assembled in the sports ground.

The session commenced by informing the students that if there was a fire outbreak, they should call 101, the emergency fire service number. They were asked to submit the complaint with complete information, including name, address, mobile number and location of the fire, to the nearest fire station.

The officers informed the students that there are four types of fires recognized nationally, classified into A, B, C, and D fire categories. Class A fires are solid material fires that leave ashes at the site of the fire and are cooled down by the water. Class B fires are liquid material fires that need foam solution or carbon dioxide extinguishers to be put out. Under no condition should water be used as it can lead to spillage and expansion of the fire. Class C fires are to do with combustible gases that are brought under control using inert gases like nitrogen. Class D fires are electrical fires that are extinguished using carbon dioxide fire extinguishers.

The officer explained that fire requires oxygen, combustible material and minimum initial temperature [heat- spark] to ignite. Then the firefighters demonstrated the various ways of extinguishing different classes of fires.

A few teachers and students were asked to volunteer and were given hands-on experience in putting out the fire. The officers demonstrated the fire-beating method, using branches with green leaves. The gas cylinder fire was put out, by wrapping a wet blanket around it. Students and staff were encouraged to participate in the activities.

The demonstration was informative and interactive. As soon as the fire was lit the fire engine arrived with sirens blaring. A firefighter on a motorbike, wearing a flame-retardant suit, preceded the arrival of the fire engine. The firefighters sprang into action by pulling out the fire hoses, fitting the nozzle and spraying water to put out the fire.

The Fire Officer spoke about the types of extinguishers and demonstrated how they are used to put out fires. The term ‘PASS’ helped students understand the steps when putting out a fire- Pull the safety pin, Aim the extinguisher, Squeeze the plunger knob and Sweep on the fire.

The session ended with water sprayed on the fire, using different types of nozzles on the hosepipes. The entire session helped create awareness among children about the techniques to put out fires and the right way to use fire extinguishers.

They were taught not to panic during an outbreak but to think about saving the people in distress by calling the emergency fire service number.
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