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The students, teachers and staff of The Brigade School @ Whitefield stood together as the tricolour was unfurled to celebrate Freedom, Fraternity, Unity and Diversity. The virtual celebrations of our Nation’s 73rd Republic Day, 2022, acted as a harbinger of peace, positivity and hope with an array of inspiring poems and speeches, interesting facts, vibrant and colourful dances and melodious songs, all presented by the talented future citizens of our nation enthralled the audience.

The programme started with Neev Sureka of grade 7 welcoming everyone to celebrate the day our Constitution came into being, January 26th, 1950. Mrs. Suresh, the Principal, reminded the students to take pride in our nation as it showcases our heritage, diversity and military might. She asked the students to keep their promise to our motherland ‘To do everything to enrich and preserve our heritage, ethos and culture’

To emphasize the idea that we are free to express our thoughts through words and actions together and that we never stand-alone, the students melodiously presented The Preamble Song, set to the foot-tapping tune created by our talented music teachers.

The students at The Brigade School @ Whitefield next expressed their freedom as their dancers showcased the richness of Indian folklore and folksongs from Bengal, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Gujarat through a graceful display of traditional dances like ‘Kummi aadi’ and ‘Garbha’. The next event in the programme had the audience filled with a sense of pride as the students’ presented interesting facts about the Republic Day Parade that makes the citizens of India swell with pride and joy.

As a finale, the students proved through their melodic rendition of the poem written by the poet and philosopher Muhammed Iqbal, that they are truly what makes our nation “Saare Jahaan Se Achcha”
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