News & Events / Intramural Sports Inauguration 2022-23 – The Brigade School @ Whitefield



Sport has the power to provide a universal framework for learning values. It also helps to prepare students face the challenges of life.

Solemn tradition and an exciting match marked the opening ceremony of Intramural Sports at The Brigade School, Whitefield on 16th June 2022. The event provided an opportunity for the students as well as the players to understand true sportsmanship and build camaraderie on the ground. Dhanvi Vikranth of grade 7B formally welcomed the guests to the event and spoke about the importance of holistic development which can be achieved through sports.

Adithya Prakash of class 10 formally administered the oath, to respect the rules on the sports field and take part in the games in a spirit of fair play.

Mrs. Amudhan, the Chief Guest, officially declared the intramural sports meet open. She addressed the young sports enthusiasts encouraging them to uncover their true potential and explore the limits of their abilities to reach the pinnacle of success. She highlighted the true spirit of sportsmanship and advised them to give 100% persistence on the field. With persistence and determination they can achieve success in their lives.

The highlight of the afternoon was the basketball match. The sports field buzzed with fun and excitement. The players were encouraged by the loud cheers from the audience.

The event was concluded with the singing of the National Anthem

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