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Author Talk – The Brigade School @ Whitefield

Australian writer and historian Ken Spillman, though based in Perth, Australia shares a special relationship with India. His book, Advaita The Writer, published in 2011, with an Indian character and setting, ended up on CBSE’s recommended list for additional reading.

His subsequent visits to India gave rise to other stories for children. Some of his other books that have an Indian setting and characters are- Daydreamer Dev, The Auto That Flew, Rahul and the Dream Bat and No Fear, Jiyaa! He has travelled to India 26 times to date. On his current visit to India, The Brigade School@ Whitefield were fortunate to host him on Tuesday, 8th November 2022.

Even before the introductions were complete, Mr Spillman had dived into the session grabbing the minds of the children seated.
Relationship between reading and imagination. Mr Spillman described how reading helps imagination grow. Ken magically produced a balloon and demonstrated how reading books expand our mind with knowledge and how knowledge can make imaginations fly. Through his stories, Ken explained to the excited students how reading helps set imagination free.

He spoke about two of his series, The Jake series and the Daydreamer Dev series. The students were in splits as Ken entertained them with his theatrics and modulated his voice to sound like Jake’s grandmother’s voice. The session was highly interactive, humorous and fun-filled. The session closed with Mr Ken Spillman answering questions from students – when he started writing, his first book, his favourite books, if he has any pets, the first poem he composed, points to be kept in mind while composing a poem and many more.
Ken shared his email with the students should they have more questions for him.

Students were eager to buy his books and get them autographed by Mr Spillman.
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