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Literary Activity – MSA Std 7- The Brigade School @ Whitefield

On August 23, 2023, the students of Std 7 at The Brigade School @ Whitefield embarked on a literary journey, breathing life into the timeless tale of Rabindranath Tagore’s “Kabuliwala.” This was a day to remember.

The event began with a warm welcome speech, setting the stage for what promised to be a captivating experience. The auditorium resonated with the enchanting melody of “Chitto Jethha Bhoysunyo,” the Bengali rendition of Tagore’s iconic poem, “Where the Mind is Without Fear.”

In a stroke of creative genius, our students embarked on an imaginary journey to Shantiniketan, where the legendary Rabindranath Tagore made a virtual appearance. This unique scenario allowed for an engaging conversation with “Guruji,” shedding light on his life and literary contributions. The scene culminated in an invitation for “Guruji” to witness a play performed by their friends, based on the touching story of “The Kabuliwala.”

The stage was set up in the school auditorium, where our talented students brilliantly staged the story in three languages: Kannada, Hindi, and English, giving it a vibrant multilingual touch. The play was a masterful performance, skilfully bringing to life the emotional bond between a young girl named Mini and a Pathan from Kabul who ventured to Kolkata for his dry fruit trade.

Following the play, a rendition of Tagore’s timeless classic, “Ekla Cholo Re” was music to the ears!

The event concluded with a vote of thanks and a united rendition of the National Anthem, displaying the spirit of unity and patriotism.

As the audience left the show, they were pleasantly surprised by a mesmerizing Santali Dance performance in the lobby. Parents were invited to join the dance and parents took to the floor with ease, celebrating the rich diversity of our culture.

The lobby, decorated with captivating artwork and artifacts, represented the vibrant culture of West Bengal. All the literary creations of the students were proudly displayed, inviting visitors to explore the world of words. A quiz corner challenged parents with intriguing questions about Tagore’s life, while a wordle game tested their knowledge of the “Kabuliwala” story. Parents participated in both games with infectious enthusiasm.

To tantalise the taste buds, a delightful assortment of regional dishes graced the food corner, featuring Jalmurri, paneer rolls, posto, rice, and Roshgulla, offering everyone a flavourful culinary experience.

Before they left, parents were offered a personalised palm print of their child as a token to provide feedback on the event, and they received a memorable takeaway gift to cherish the beautiful memories created by this Literary Activity on MSA Day. It was a day when literature came to life, and unity in diversity was celebrated with zest and zeal.
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