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Tricky Chapters
by Nikita Thangavel -Topper, The Brigade School@ Whitefield

Preparing for the ICSE board exams has been quite a journey, especially when dealing with tricky chapters. I found that breaking down chapters into manageable parts to tackle challenging sections was helpful. I organised my thoughts and clarified complex ideas by identifying key concepts and creating a structured outline.

I made sure to use a variety of study resources. While textbooks were my primary source, I also turned to reference books, online tutorials, and educational videos. These different perspectives often made difficult topics easier to understand. Group studies became a part of my routine, where studying with peers revealed fresh insights and strengthened my understanding.

Regular revision was crucial for me. I revisited the tricky chapters frequently to reinforce my memory and ensure the concepts were clear. Practising past papers and sample questions was also a big part of my strategy. This familiarised me with the exam format and highlighted areas where I needed more focus. Whenever I had doubts, I didn’t hesitate to seek help. Teachers, tutors, and online forums provided valuable assistance, and asking questions prevented confusion.

Above all, maintaining a positive mindset was the key to tackling difficult chapters. Confidence and persistence helped me overcome subjects I found confusing. By staying organised, using different resources, and asking for help when I needed it, I handled difficult chapters well and got ready for the ICSE board exams.
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