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The pre-primary children at The Brigade Schools celebrated Makar Sankranti virtually. Makar Sankranti is celebrated by different names and customs in different parts of India. The festival is known as Lohri in North India, Makara Sankranti in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, Magh Bihu in Assam, and Pongal in Tamil Nadu. The day is supposed to mark the winter solstice.

A virtual session was conducted to celebrate the festival and enable the children to understand the importance of how and why the festival is celebrated. This helped them appreciate the traditions associated with it. The harvest festival was introduced to children through a story which highlighted the significance of the festival.

Be it the reason behind using jaggery in the sweets or the importance of flying kites, when the children realized the significance, they enjoyed the festival and its traditions. With the help of a colourful backdrop, picture cards and real materials like mango leaves toran, yellu bella (sesame and jaggery), sakkarae acchu (sugar dolls), kabbu (sugar cane) and clay pots the festival came to life. It helped children understand the importance of the harvest festival and inculcate moral values like politeness, sharing, respect towards elders, and respect for nature.

An art activity was conducted to reinforce the concept and this also helped in developing fine motor skills.

The Nursery children did a finger painting activity of the sun and the sugarcane.

The LKG children enjoyed drawing the kite and the sun. The activity also reinforced the concept of Sankranti where people worship the sun god and fly kites during this festival.

The UKG children were taught to draw a Sankranti pot and sugarcane by using the patterns they have learnt in the class. The children enjoyed using various colours to decorate their pot and sugarcane.
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