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Sports Day -The Brigade School @ Whitefield- Pre-Primary section

The sports day, Dia De La Deportes, was held on 4th March 2023.
It was a day of excitement for our tiny tots. The school playground looked festive, with elegant Spanish props displayed on the field.

The event started with a welcome speech by Ashvitha, from UKG, followed by the school Principal’s address. The Walk Past done by the students of LKG and UKG was a pleasure to watch as they walked in sync with the band. The mass drill performed on the lawn with pompoms and yellow headgear made the event colourful and bright. The nursery students participated in games such as tomato picking and the hula hoop obstacle race, enhancing their balance and coordination.

Next was the game for parents, ‘bombing the city’. The parents participated enthusiastically in the game and showcased the spirit of sportsmanship. The children cheered their parents on and motivated them to participate enthusiastically.

The students of LKG participated in various sports like stacking the box, stringing games and 50-metre sprints. The UKG students balanced the ball on a plate and completed a 50m race. They exhibited team spirit in a fast-paced relay.

Sanah and Akshara, both students of UKG, delivered the vote of thanks. It was a fun-filled day, with the parents enjoying the event as much as the students.
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