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Teachers’ Day – Glowing Gratitude
The Brigade School @ Whitefield

Teachers’ Day special assembly was on September 2nd, 2023, at The Brigade School, Whitefield. Gratitude for the guidance and continuous efforts of the teachers made this day incredibly special. The students decorated the school with vibrant artwork they painted for their teachers.

The programme began with the school prayer, followed by the pledge. The thought for the day spoke about the valuable contribution of their teachers.

A short yet delightful cultural show followed next. The students of grade 2 charmed the audience with a cute performance of the song ‘Happy Teachers’ Day’. Singing in chorus and shaking their hands with simple dance moves it was sheer joy to see the little singers perform confidently on stage.

Grade 10 students Srishti Khandelwal and Sanjana Meda, lead vocalists and Netra of Grade 9 on the electric guitar, rendered the song ’Superheroes’ by the rock band- The Script. The song was a dedication to the teachers who are nothing short of superheroes to their students.

The action shifted from music to dance, where grades 4 and 5 entertained the audience with an energetic dance show to a foot-tapping qawwali song. Following this, Naisha Jain of Grade 6 eloquently recited a poem about teachers and their presence in every student’s life. Written by Ms. Jain, the poem touched the hearts of every student as it portrayed the role teachers play in helping students achieve their best.

The final programme of the event was a mesmerising and power-packed medley dance by the students of grades 9 and 10. The fusion of dance genres personified elegance and grace as students swayed to contemporary and traditional music. The well-coordinated and rhythmic performance brought the cultural event to an end.

The celebration captivated the teachers as they took a backseat and watched the show unfurling flawlessly, thanks to efforts put in by the students.

The students received thunderous applause from their teachers and peers, for putting up an outstanding show from start to finish by themselves.

The cultural event stood testimony to the quality of training by the teachers, who had trained their students to take over the mantle independently.
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