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Setting the Stage for a Successful Academic Year – The First Day of Teachers’ Orientation Week
The new academic year 2023-24, began on 24th May 2023 with an intensive and thought-provoking orientation programme for the staff. The first day of teachers’ orientation week is always an exciting time for the teachers as they start a new academic year.  Building camaraderie and coming together with a shared vision makes for a successful year ahead. Orientation week plays a vital role in setting the tone for the entire school year.
Excitement was in the air as the buses filled with teachers, old and new, rolled into The Brigade School, Whitefield for the orientation programme.
The Brigade Schools’ inaugural session of the orientation programme is a much-awaited one. The first day of teachers’ orientation week establishes clear guidelines for the teachers. Discussing curriculum objectives, assessment methods and classroom strategy gives the staff a clear picture of a structured learning platform. Mrs Githa Shankar, Founder, Mrs Menon, Head of Brigade Foundation and Mr Cheria, Administrator of Brigade Foundation, addressed the audience. Mrs Shankar gave extensive and relevant input on the importance of being a good teacher and stressed the importance of integrity
Mrs Menon explained the nuances of the curriculum design, feedback system, evaluation process, and various other teaching methodologies. Mrs Menon reiterated that teachers should be well prepared before going to the class and be prepared to handle any challenges that come their way.
Leave policies, holidays and other administrative details were shared by Mr Cheria in his address to the audience.
Presentations and workshops by senior staff and other subject experts helped teachers to enhance their skills. These sessions provided not only academic learning but the bonding of like-minded people with a sense of purpose to make the best of the new academic year.
As teachers embark on this exciting week, it is important to recognise their dedication and commitment to shaping young minds. Together, with a positive mindset and the zest to have a stupendous year ahead, they pave the way for a great year ahead.
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