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December is a month for family, friends and feasts. A time for good cheer, goodwill and goodies unleashed.

The students and staff at The Brigade School were glued to their seats on December 23rd as they watched and revelled in the virtual Christmas programme.

The programme, filled with gratitude, hope and joy, brought forth the message that with love and kindness we can transform lives.

The programme started with the Principal’s address. She reminded the students about the importance of reflecting on the year gone by, feeling gratitude for the present and the ability to cherish the future. Ms Suresh ended her speech with the words of Charles Dickens, ‘I will try to honour Christmas in my heart and try to keep it all through the year’, prompting the students to remember to shine like the stars that they are and be the gleam of hope wherever they may go.

The singers painted a vivid picture through their medley of songs about Santa getting stuck in a chimney, Frosty the Snowman and Rocking around the Christmas tree.

An energetic dance by the students from Std’s 3 and 4 to the song “Up on the House-Top kept the spirits high. The choir sang ‘Joy unto the World’, carrying the message of unwavering love and hope for all of mankind.

This year, the students proudly presented the Christmas skit “The Reason for the Season” which informed the students that it does not matter whether you are big or small, shiny or dull. What matters is that each of us touches and affects the lives of all the people we meet. It is important to be gracious and kind even when it seems impossible.

The virtual celebrations came to an end with the song “Let it be Christmas”, leaving the students with the spirit of Christmas in their hearts.
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