Toppers 2023-24

We are proud to announce that Kartik Shekhar is the school’s topper as well as the top scorer in Science, scoring 98.4% aggregate. He is also our top scorer in English, Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science scoring a 99 in each subject. Kartik studied in The Brigade School @ J P Nagar since Nursery and has always been consistent in his academic performance throughout his school years.

Kartik Shekhar
First Topper
AISSCE – Std 12 CBSE Board – Science
School Topper 98.4%

Arya Rajwade scored the second highest in Science with an aggregate of 96.4%. She is the topper in Chemistry and English securing 100/100 and 99/100 respectively in the subjects. Arya has also been with us since nursery and has always been a very committed and disciplined student.

Arya Rajwade
Second Topper
AISSCE – Std 12 CBSE Board – Science
Aggregate of 96.4%.

Surya Acharya, Vriti Garg & Purav Khincha have scored the third highest in Science with an aggregate percentage of 96.2. Suraj is the topper for Computer Science, scoring 98 and Purav, a topper in English, scoring 99. Vriti and Purav have been studying in TBSM from Pre-primary. Surya, Vriti, and Purav are committed students who consistently demonstrated a strong eagerness to learn.

Surya Acharya
Aggregate of 96.2%

Vriti Garg
Aggregate of 96.2%

Purav Khincha
Aggregate of 96.2%

AISSCE – Std 12 CBSE Board – Science

Samana A. Kallapur has acquired the first position in Commerce with an aggregate percentage of 97.6. She has scored 100 out of 100 in Psychology. Samana has always been an enthusiastic learner and a very dedicated student.

Samana A. Kallapur
First Topper
AISSCE – Std 12 CBSE Board – Commerce
Aggregate of 97.6%.

Shiva Prakash has secured an aggregate percentage of 96.8 and stands as the second-highest scorer in Commerce. He has also topped Accountancy scoring 99 out of 100. He was the best outgoing student of 2024 and the proud recipient of the esteemed Navneetan Award.  

Shiva Prakash
Second Topper
AISSCE – Std 12 CBSE Board – Commerce
Aggregate of 96.8%.

Siva Parvathi P is the third highest scorer in Commerce with an aggregate of 95.8% and she is a topper in Psychology and Business Studies, scoring 100 and 97 respectively in the subjects. Siva has been studying in this school since Nursery and has always been a very diligent and keen learner.

Siva Parvathi P
Third Topper
AISSCE – Std 12 CBSE Board – Commerce
Aggregate of 95.8%.

Toppers 2022-23

Anukriti Sharma

Anukriti has been a consistent performer in all school examinations, exhibiting her brilliance in all subjects. She is extremely passionate about Mathematics and very appreciative of Literature. She can express herself in a precise and emphatic manner. She has always been eager to infer and extrapolate from explanations given.

Anukriti is a quiet girl in school, observant, obedient and self-motivated. She came back from the USA and rejoined The Brigade School @ J P Nagar in 2014. Least to say, she adapted to the new system of learning and the school culture remarkably well, making a set of great friends with her peers and stealing the hearts of her teachers in no time.”

She is an avid reader and claims that books are her stress busters. From light fiction to serious drama, every book she reads fills her hours with delight. She uses her pastime to solve crosswords, challenging her vocabulary. During the pandemic years, when ‘eating out’ was a huge ‘no’. Anukriti worked on her culinary skills, experimenting with kinds of pasta and pizzas. She loves her food but counts her calories most often because staying fit and healthy gives her the positive energy she requires to remain focused and resolute. She is self-taught and finds pleasure in playing the guitar and keyboards.

Her USP: Self-composed, dedicated and tenacious.
Her Aspirations: to pursue higher studies in Computer Engineering or Chemical Engineering.

Anukriti Sharma
Std 12 – Science
School Topper 96.8%
Top Scorer in Physics (95)
and Computer Science (98)

Pranav has exhibited his brilliance in Mathematics in all his school examinations. He is a keen student of Economics and Accountancy. Pranav enjoys exploring and internalizing the concepts he learns. He finds it thrilling to research beyond the text and solves challenging questions.

Pranav is confident, determined and passionate about what he does. He is critical of himself and always strives for excellence. Known for his wit and humour, Pranav keeps his company happy.

Pranav inculcated an interest in the stock market from his parents and in his spare time, explores the market. He keeps himself informed about the national and international financial market daily, with utmost enthusiasm and diligence. He is also a serious contributor to his family’s CA firm.

His USP: his focus, his hunger for knowledge and perfection. He says, “Yes, marks are important, but more important is to know the subject to the core and be passionate about what you learn.”

His Aspirations: to become a Chartered Accountant and complete his B. Com from an esteemed institution. He is preparing for his CA Foundation examination due in June.

Pranav Rajgariya
Std 12 – Commerce
Aggregate of 96.8%
Top Scorer in Accountancy (100)
Vishnu Iyer

Vishnu topped Economics, Accountancy and Business Studies in Std 12 School Examinations. His academic performance throughout his school years has been consistent.

His interests have been versatile. Vishnu was a part of the school basketball team and brought glory to Vijayanagara House. He exhibited his prowess as an actor, playing the lead role, in the play, Don Quixote staged for the Cultural Day in the academic year 2022-23. As an ace debater, he left the audience at the Symposium: Reflexion – The Face-Off intrigued by his rational and pragmatic arguments. Vishnu is a talented public speaker and has been a compere for many of the special assemblies held at school, writing his script for the same.

A little secret about Vishnu that few know – he is a keen percussionist and has tried his hands on the mridangam from his early years.

He is our ‘Mr Dependable’, disciplined, polite, eager to help and responsible. He served his best as an ambassador from his days in Junior school. Vishnu was the proud recipient of the Navneethan Award for the best outgoing student in 2022-23.

His USP: Calm, gentle, and determined…. functions best under high-pressure situations. He says, “What’s the worst that can happen? Failure… in a way, it’s a success. It teaches us how to improve.” His savoir-faire and refinement are deeply admirable.

His Dreams: He aspires to study at Azim Premji and has taken up Economics and Mathematics

Vishnu Iyer
Std 12 – Commerce
Second Topper in school and Commerce with an aggregate of 96.4%
Top Scorer in Business Studies (99)

Kanishk is a sincere student who has always strived to perform to the best of his ability in examinations. He loves all Science subjects and is deeply intrigued by Mathematics. Kanishk remains highly attentive in class and tries to grasp every little instruction or suggestion by the teachers. He is a great fan of collaborative learning and enjoys study time or discussions with his peers on challenging questions.

Kanishk loves Asian and North Indian food and indulges in them to satisfy his taste buds. He makes up for all the calories gained by swimming for almost an hour every weekend. On weekdays his busy schedule keeps him away from outdoor sports, but gaming is a perfect stress buster for him.

Kanishk is a sensitive and affectionate child deeply attached to his family and friends. Right from the start, teachers have observed him to be passionate about learning and restless if he had doubts. He says, “I can’t rest until I have solved the problem. Critical concepts and intriguing questions run through my mind even when I am not physically sitting with my books, I like to learn or solve them myself before I ask for help.” Though a shy person by nature, he is vocal in stating his point of view, which is always rational and very convincing.

His USPs: Gentle, compassionate, focused and compliant.

His Aspirations: Wishes to pursue his bachelor’s in Engineering Technology from KU Leuven University in Belgium.

Kanishk Krishnamurthy
Std 12 – Science
Aggregate of 96.2%
Second Highest Scorer in Science

Deepika Sharma

Deepika has been performing consistently well in all subjects throughout her years in school. She is a keen learner whose curiosity drives her to learn beyond the textbook and more. Her teachers have appreciated her out-of-the-box thinking and sharp questioning.

Deepika’s passion for music has helped her take to guitar. She is the senior school band’s ace lead guitarist. Her confidence and poise on stage have left the audience awe-struck. She has played with the band in several Special Assembly programmes and cultural events and represented the school in various interschool competitions at the state level. She also has a music band and performs on stage regularly to showcase both cover versions and their composition. Deepika is also a spontaneous speaker. She has been a compere in several events in schools. Her debating skills were appreciated, during the intramural debate competitions at school.

Her USN: her razor-sharp intelligence, her confidence that bespeaks her steadfast convictions, her relentless strive for excellence, and her spirit to win devoid of any anxiety are what make her a compact powerhouse of zeal and brilliance.

Her Aspirations: Wants to become an architect and pursue Science at TBSM.

Deepika V Sharma
Std 10
School Topper with an aggregate of 97.2%
Top Scorer in English (96) and Sanskrit (100)

Dhruv is a very assiduous and avid learner. His performance in academics has always remained consistent and excellent. Dhruv’s interest and dedication in every subject have been evident throughout his years in school. He pays perfect attention in class and tries to internalise each concept. His efforts to clarify his doubts are tireless.

Dhruv is adept in public speaking, charming the audience with his suave articulation and deference. He has been praised for his analytical and cogent arguments or reasonings, delivered most convincingly. His statements are always assertive but never aggressive or impertinent. Dhruv has been the compere for several school programmes. His charming stage presence has captivated the audience during the Symposium, Sports Day, Cultural Day and Special Assemblies. He has also been a school ambassador for years, answering questions with delight and patience.

Dhruv is a keen guitarist and plays acoustic guitar with finesse and style. He is getting better by the day on the electric guitar. Music is solace to him, freedom from the monotony and drudgery of day-to-day life and a stress buster. Dhruv enjoys creative writing and has participated in many national-level competitions recommended by CBSE.

His USP: debonair but carefree, resolute in his pursuit but calm, confident but humble,sincere but fun-loving.

His aspirations: He wants to study Science at TBSM and perhaps do engineering.

Dhruv B K
Std 10
School Topper with an aggregate of 97.2 %
Top Scorer in Social Science (99) and Sanskrit (100)


Mahima has always been a diligent student performing exceptionally well in all subjects throughout her years in school. She is a keen learner and never failed to impress everyone with the quality and presentation of her assignments. Her creativity and in-depth research were always evident in her projects. Mahima’s focus and commitment to learning every concept in class were appreciated by all teachers.

Mahima’s endearing personality won the affection and faith of all. She is an extremely active person, embracing any responsibility given to her with a smile and a glint in her eyes. Every task assigned to her is completed on time and with utmost refinement.

Mahima has represented the school in interschool and state-level competitions in Sanskrit recitation, music and art. She is a trained classical singer and enjoys singing Western numbers too. She is one of the Senior School band’s ace lead singers, held in esteem for her perfect pitch, her sense of rhythm and her dulcet tone. Mahima enjoys water colour and sketches the most. She volunteered to do up the school’s bulletin boards several times in the most innovative way possible, unleashing her sense of imagination with colour and form.

Mahima Jois
Std 10
Second Topper in school with an aggregate of 96.2%
Top Scorer in Mathematics (99)

Toppers Speak 2021-2022


It was the beginning of a new journey for me when I joined The Brigade School in 11th grade. Due to the COVID-19 outburst occurring exactly when I joined the school, both 11th and 12th grade happened through online classes for me. While all the other schools were panicking about how to conduct classes, our school made arrangements for online classes and trained each teacher within the first two weeks.

The teachers found new ways of teaching us and made classes so much fun to attend. They didn’t compromise on any aspect just because it was online. They ensured that each child’s video was on at all times. They provided us with individual attention, constantly clearing our doubts and keeping us motivated to learn with engaging assignments. They made the environment feel like an actual classroom. Being so interactive and lively, the classes made me feel like a part of The Brigade School family.

I paid keen attention in class, answered questions asked, and meticulously followed the work plan prescribed by the school to keep up with the class. Our healthy competition in class encouraged me to bring out my best. For Accountancy, I soon learnt that time management was crucial, so I started practising more and more. The teacher’s notes and classwork were enough to grasp Business Studies well. I kept the exam pressure away by developing a regular and sincere study habit.”

Deekshita Eshwarla
Std 12
School Topper 97.2%
Accountancy Topper(97)
Business Studies Topper (100)

I am a person who cannot take last-minute mental stress and pressure. I came to know this at a very young age. Thus I knew that regularly studying at a scheduled time and focusing on all subjects equally every day would help me remain calm and confident.

I gave a lot of importance to the notes and worksheets supplied by our Physics teacher. I diligently solved them and clarified all my doubts from teachers at school. Practising numericals regularly from different reference books is another thing I did meticulously. For all subjects, I solved several sample question papers keeping the prescribed time in mind. For Maths, solving questions from assorted topics within a time limit helped me better my scores.

As exams grew closer, especially after the Preboards at school, I realised that if I needed to ace the boards, I had to minimise careless error. That is when I started working on my speed to have enough extra time during exams to revise well.

Standard 12 does involve a lot of hard work and long hours of study. This tends to burn people out at some point in time. Thus taking breaks and indulging in sports or hobbies helps to destress. In addition, the various co-curricular activities provided by the school kept me going and motivated. I realised that the only way to score the most in AISSCE is to develop a disciplined and regular study habit where one gets to focus on all subjects equally.”

Hrishita Patra
Std 12
Science Topper (96.6)
Physics Topper (98)
Chemistry Topper (99)

The school had groomed us in a way that helped us bring discipline in whatever we do. We learnt to work to achieve the best of our potential. I realised there was no need to fear exams if I was ready to put in hard work persistently. I aimed to get into a good college, so it was clear to me that I needed to do well in the boards. This ambition of mine kept me focused.

Mathematics has always been an area of keen interest for me. I spent considerable time solving problems from various reference books, worksheets provided by the school, and sample papers. It was never taxing for me. The school exam papers were quite challenging and kept me motivated to work even harder to score better each time.

We had very healthy competition among friends, and we helped each other with notes, assignments, and intriguing questions. Time management was another focus of mine. I worked on speed by solving a large number of questions within short periods. I clarified doubts and looked up ways to solve problems in a way that would save time. The coaching lessons I went for (especially for competitive exams/entrance exams) trained me to solve problems faster. Regular practise set to a time was how I learnt to score well for Mathematics.”

Dakshaa Visveswar Mavathur
Std 12
Chemistry Topper (99)
Maths Topper (99) with an overall percentage of 96.2

Life is much more than marks’ is the answer I got from my Zen-like doctor for my exam anxiety. This piece of wisdom brought a change in my attitude towards exams and marks. I always tried to understand what was taught in class and then revised the same as soon as I went home. This habit made remembering concepts easier. Gradually, I began to enjoy the process of learning and could do away with my anxiety.

I didn’t follow any organised plan but just went with the flow with short and specific goals that I completed within a timeframe. Our teachers were impeccable. Their enthusiasm and love for their subjects instilled in me a new appreciation for the same and kindled my desire to give my best.

As a newcomer in Standard 11, I was immediately made to feel at home even though we had online classes then. The teachers kept us focused in class by making the sessions interactive. In that way, they could quickly assess whether we were understanding the concepts, applying our knowledge well, and thinking for ourselves. Answering in class boosted my confidence and helped me perfect my understanding of complex concepts.

I am thankful to all my teachers and the conducive environment provided by the school for helping me do well in the boards.

Jaisnavi G
Std 12
Topper Biology (99)
Topper Psychology (100) with an overall percentage of 96.2

I would like to thank my school for providing us with the finest quality of education ever since I started my journey in Nursery (2007). I would also like to thank my teachers and parents for constantly supporting me and giving me adequate resources for my smooth preparation.

From the day I started preparing for my Class 10 exams, my teacher repeatedly told me how important it was to focus on English to boost our aggregate score in the board examinations and to communicate with confidence and ease. I kept this in mind during my Class 12 preparations as well. I studied English in between subjects like Maths and Chemistry to alleviate the stress and to keep in touch with the Literature text regularly. Doing this helped me clearly remember the textual details and value points for various answers.

Another important thing was to practise the assignments given by my teacher multiple times, as they had a wide variety of questions to help us understand the concepts better. This study habit helped me improve my writing skills and have more clarity about the type of questions asked in the exam and the answers expected.

Not going for any coaching classes or tuitions also gave me a lot of additional time to go through extra resources like reference books and multiple sample question papers. This spare time also helped me identify my weaknesses and plan out what I would study every day. I boosted my score by using YouTube as a study resource and not being distracted by social media otherwise. I would also create drawings and paintings regularly to keep my mind calm during my preparation.

I want to thank my teachers once again for helping us adapt to the online mode of learning and providing us with the best study material for our preparations.”

Srujana Rao
Std 12
Topper English (98) with an overall percentage of 96.2

I have always been passionate about English as a subject. Taking the science stream was never an excuse to put this subject in the backseat or take it lightly. On the contrary, it was something that I valued deeply, for which I set aside ample time. My marks in English also pushed up my aggregate score.

The COVID-19 pandemic definitely affected the quality of studies. However, using the study methods and tips taught by my English teacher in Class 10, I was not completely lost. These tips included making mind-maps and notes, writing practice, and working on my comprehension and grammar skills.

My 12th-grade English teacher went above and beyond to give us the best lessons with detailed and engaging presentations. It is very easy for our minds to wander while aimlessly staring at the screen. Yet, my teacher constantly encouraged us to participate in class discussions keeping us focused and interested.

I am fortunate that our school has always given English importance, from my kindergarten phonics teacher up to high school. In addition, our school library provided me with all the books to satisfy my reader’s heart.

Arushi Praksh
Std 12
English Topper (98) with an overall percentage of 95

Chemistry can be divided into three categories: Organic, Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. I would write down all the important reactions in a separate book [mostly named reactions] which are helpful for conversion-based questions. I memorised the reactant, reagent, and the product formed. The most important parts of inorganic chemistry are the exceptions, and keeping a separate book to write down those was another thing I did.

Physical Chemistry is mostly about numericals, so being thorough with the formulae is what is wanted. Solving questions regularly so that even a quick revision is sufficient before an examination is another discipline I inculcated.

I never believed in studying for long hours and burning the midnight oil just before exams. I studied regularly for a definite time, usually solving worksheets and sample papers provided by our teachers. These exposed me to variety of questions that could be asked. I took my teacher’s advice to understand and learn the concepts in depth so that I could solve application-based questions with ease and confidence.

Sumukha Sudarshan
Std 12
Chemistry Topper (99) with an overall percentage of 94.8

We are witnessing trying times with hyperinflation, the Sri Lankan economic crisis, and other lingering effects of the global pandemic. Learning new theories about economies and how to improve them helped me make a little sense of the world and deepened my passion for economics. I soon found out that my passion for the subject was growing. I became quite determined to pursue higher studies in Economics. This goal meant that I had to score well in the boards.

I found that reading my notes and textbooks provided a sufficient understanding of the concepts. To remember facts and minute textual details, I began making graphic organisers for myself. The practice questions and notes given to us by our teacher Ms Rao, provided further clarity. Attempting sample question papers helped me become comfortable with the paper pattern and time management. Although it is essential to be dedicated and apply consistent effort, it is equally vital to stay healthy and take a break when you need one. This was my mantra

Amrita S
Std 12
Economics Topper (99) with an overall percentage of 94
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