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“Innovative, Contemporary and Meaningful”

We provide a unique, Montessori-based pre-primary education that gives students a head start. Each schooling stage designed with care allowing children to move seamlessly from Nursery to Standard 10/12, in one familiar system and environment.

We have a student-friendly, learning centred, interactive approach with a balanced breadth of academic coverage that is neither overburdening nor superficial. We continuously review and innovate the syllabus to ensure it stays contemporary and meaningful, and upskill teachers through workshops and training programmes.

Teachers become one of the most important people in the young students. Our teachers live up to a trusting child’s expectations—caring, friendly and fair yet firm and discipline-conscious when needed. A carefully selected range of toys, learning aids, craft materials and books complete the picture

In the era of online education, online tutors and technology-oriented learning is facilitated. The Brigade Schools take pride in retaining the structured, interactive and facilitator oriented teaching- learning process, whilst adhering to a child-centric and child friendly curriculum prepared by the well informed members of the Knowledge and Information (KNIB).

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