News & Events / 10th Grader Students Decode ‘Python’ at The Brigade Schools



The Brigade Schools – Computer Science collaborative class for students of Std 10

In a collaborative computer science session for 10th-grade students, loops and their significance were discussed, focusing on iterative statements within the Python programming language.

The Python programming language provides two types of loops– For loop and While loop to handle looping requirements.

The comparison of walking was given to explain the necessity of loops in programming, A student was asked to explain the actions involved in walking: lifting the right leg, moving it forward, lifting the left leg, and moving it forward. These steps, repeated iteratively, mimic the act of walking. This comparison served as a concept for understanding looped processes.

The difference between the ‘for loop; and the ‘while loop’ was explained with examples. Students were excited as they understood the concept of looping, and they came up with many examples. Students were happy to execute the programmes and recorded the output.

Engaged and enthusiastic, the students understood the concept of looping and actively contributed by giving numerous examples. They documented their outputs, showing how well they understood the discussed concepts.
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