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Thank you, teachers!
Harshavardhan’s school life, in our (parents’) view:
We are very happy to inform the school that our son, Harshavardhan Madhan (080N063) finished his 12th with flying colours and has got admission to IIT Chennai for BS in Biological Sciences course, as he aimed for.
We have been associated with The Brigade School from his nursery, since June 2008. We have seen him enter the school on his first day with tears rolling down his eyes, coming back from the class, in the line, still weeping after 3 hours. Not knowing how to make him feel comfortable at school, it went on for a few days. One day he came back with a huge smile on his face and told us that he liked his teacher very much because she gave a scissors and a piece of paper and let him cut the paper into pieces, under her supervision. (He was grown up and was allowed to handle scissors, that was how he felt that day.)
That smile never faded from his face, and that comment “I like my teacher” never changed, for the next 15 years.
As he grew up, the reasons changed, the teachers changed, but the comment was always “I like my teacher.”
In the nursery, it was “the teacher gave me a star on my hand, she taught me a song,” and it slowly changed to “she took me to the library, she helped me understand multiplication” during his primary school days.
In middle school, wonderful friendships began to happen, and school became a beautiful space where he could learn the power of teamwork. He always felt appreciated and encouraged by the teachers to participate in numerous activities and started feeling confident when they were open to his ideas and suggestions.
The interactions with his teachers during high school broadened his vision and thought process. We would especially like to thank his senior school teachers who were instrumental in Harsha’s decision to pursue science.
In college, he is planning to join the Oratory club, the result of the seeds sown by the school in the form of project presentations, theatre practices, group discussions and debates. The school and the teachers have a huge respect in our thoughts, for it was an absolutely amazing journey for our son, Harshavardhan.
Thank you Brigade!
Srilalitha Nagarajan

Parent of Harshavardhan
Batch of 2022-23

‘12th May 2023’, a perfect day and a perfect occasion to extend my gratitude and thanksgiving to one and all at The Brigade School @ JP Nagar.
My son, Ranbir Singh Jain, a student in class 12 commerce stream, has scored 95.6% ranking third highest.
As a mother, I take pride in seeing a jubilant and vibrant culmination of a 15-year-long school journey of a little boy who had an exceptional entry into the school, during the month of July 2009. The credit goes to the exemplary experience and in-depth knowledge imparted by the dedicated teachers.
That little boy has been groomed into a confident high school seagull, soaring high. Needless to say, the school teachings and respected teachers are so very efficient, sufficient and well equipped in their respective domains that Ranbir never opted for any extra coaching throughout, including High School 11th and 12th.
Having two successful alumni of the school in the form of my daughter Malhareka Jain and son, Ranbir Jain being groomed and nurtured under the warmth of The Brigade School has affirmed my belief in the saying that “less is more”. This little family @ the Brigade School gave more than any other student community ever could. The teachers know their students through and through to an extent that bonds them organically, which results in the holistic development of every student. The smiling face, the stress-free mind and the happy-go-lucky attitude of my children certified our decision as parents to opt for The Brigade School in their formative years.
Last but not least, every factor at the school from scratch to finish, that is, the security at the school gate, the front desk reception, the in-house staff, all the respected teachers and faculty and the Principal have always extended unconditional cooperation in making this journey so memorable.No number of words and content can justify my thanksgiving to The Brigade School for their presence.
Shillpa Jain

Mother of Ranbir Singh Jain & Malhareka Jain

Namaste Principal,

I am writing this email to express my gratitude and appreciation for all the hard work and dedication of the pre-primary teachers at The Brigade School JP Nagar (Mrs Bhat, Mrs Firdose, Mrs Havantikar and others whom I might have missed out) who have taught my child “Aayush Nabha”, a nursery student this year. As a parent, I have seen first-hand the positive impact the teachers of The Brigade School have made on my child’s learning and development.

I know that teaching can be challenging for first-time schoolers, especially during these unprecedented times, but the teachers’ unwavering dedication and resilience have been an inspiration.

I can see the amount of effort put to coordinate and execute a successful Cultural day and Sports day. I liked the way the Sports Day is conducted by involving all the kids and encouraging them to play rather than as a competition.

Thank you once again for all that you do. I wish you all the best in your future endeavours.
Amar & Sneha

Parents of Aayush Nabha

We, parents of Nehal C Bharadwaj studying at UKG A, The Brigade School @ JP Nagar would like to express our gratitude and appreciation for the Annual Day/ Cultural Day Programme organised on 07-Dec-2022.

It was indeed an amazing show put up by tiny tots. The evening was nothing less than a carnival so beautiful and so vibrant. I would like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to the all teaching and non-teaching staff for organising a splendid show. It requires a lot of dedication and patience to include every kid, train them and boost their confidence and help them perform wonderfully and confidently. Also would like to mention all the special efforts taken to organise such beautiful and vibrant costumes and all the accessories. Everything looked so perfect!!

It was an absolute delight to watch every parent’s face brimming with joy and happiness.

Thank you once again for giving Nehal such a wonderful opportunity to perform. Special thanks to Mrs Sudhir for training and mentoring our child to perform her best and also for coordinating with parents despite her busy schedule.

Kudos to the entire Team!!
Much love and Much Gratitude
Sri Chandan N Bharadwaj and Smt Pooja Bharadwaj

Parents of Nehal C Bharadwaj

I would like to thank the Principal, teachers, coordinators, and anyone else who has put in their effort to make the Annual Day a success.

My daughter Sia from the nursery, and I am sure the other kids enjoyed the program which was well organized. I could have spent more time looking at the kids enjoying their stage time. Would appreciate it if kids spend more time on extracurricular activities while focusing on their studies. I thoroughly enjoyed it and I am eagerly waiting to see the video recording.

Parent of Sia - Nursery

I am very happy with my choice of starting my child’s education at Brigade school. I am very happy with the teachers and how well they cope with the kids in Nursery. The annual day I am very happy with my choice of starting my child’s education at Brigade school. I am very happy with the teachers and how well they cope with the kids in Nursery. The annual day function was fantastic, kudos to the Nursery teachers for having the patience to make the kids practice the dance steps and put a wonderful performance on stage. Special thanks to Mrs Bhatnagar, teacher, who is ever smiling and so good with the children.
Preetha Uday

Parent of Vihaan Anish (Nursery)

I am very grateful to The Brigade School for arranging the vaccination drive at the school premises. It was very well organised and the vaccination procedure went on very smoothly and quickly.  Thank You. 
Priyanka Garg

Parent of Vriti Garg 10C

I am writing this email to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to all the teachers, staff and The Principal at Brigade School for providing a seamless experience through the online classes despite all the challenges and uncertainties that you are all facing yourselves.  A special note of sincere thanks and a shout out to all 9A teachers for doing a phenomenal job at guiding the students and being so accommodating, fostering an environment of fun and learning, keeping it an interactive forum, allowing students to share their perspectives and inputs. Commendable job done!   Would like to call out the names of the teachers and would request you to convey our gratitude to all of them –
  • Class teacher – Ms.Krishnaveni
  • Physics – Ms. Hema
  • Biology – Ms. Chanda
  • Chemistry -Ms. Vamshi Mohan
  • Sanskrit – Mr. Ranganath
  • History and democratic Politics – Ms. Inamdar
  • Geography & Economics – Ms. Ashok
  • English – Ms.Karamadai
  • Computer Science – Ms.Sushri
  • Art Teacher, Ms.Vishwanath
Stay safe and we all hope to be living near-normal lives soon!
Mandira Anand and Bhavani Kumar Eshwar

Parents of Dhruv Bhavani Kumar, 9 A

We have two children (Nihira Nayan & Nilay Nayan) who go to The Brigade School, JP Nagar. Initially, we chose the school as we live adjacent to the school and most of our neighbours send their children here. The choice was pragmatic and our optimism was based on word of mouth. However, in our close association with the school, we have had no reasons to complain. The teachers are patient and have a nurturing attitude towards children. They try to pay focused attention to all children. I have noticed that the teachers encourage even the shy children to speak up and participate actively. The methods have worked well for my children. For example, my mother tongue is Hindi and I was a little concerned about being able to coach my child in Kannada. However, our limitation has had little impact on her progress in Kannada and she is doing well. I was also worried about my younger child as his engagement with the school has been mostly online. Still, he seems to have coped well and engages actively with his teachers and classmates. Overall I am really happy with the school and its teachers. It has been a good experience for children and me personally as a satisfied parent.

Parent of Nilay Nayan – UKG & Nihira Nayan – Std 3

I am writing this mail to shower my appreciation for the teachers at The Brigade School who are helping my child in his academics, social behaviour and discipline and also for teaching him to be a better individual.  We can send the child to the school because of the trust we have in the teachers and the school management, by observing how they talk and treat the children. I am happy with the curriculum, which is providing a good foundation and preparing the children for the academic years ahead of them. I would like to convey my heartfelt thanks to his class teacher Mrs. Anitha Sudheer and other teachers like Mrs. Shroff, Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Bhaskar, Mrs.Jayshree Rander, Mrs. Roopa and all the others for doing the best for my son.
Smitha B. A.

Parent of Ayansh M. Iyengar, UKG 'B

We sincerely thank you for the kind support. We have received the conduct certificate from your office. We have no words to express our gratitude to you and the entire staff of The Brigade School, JP Nagar for the support and guidance to our ward Ashutosh.  We are grateful.
Ashok Kudva

Parent of Ashutsh Kudva

This is just a thank you note to my child’s teachers who are teaching very well.  My child Anaya Shukla studying in UKG has become more independent after attending the offline classes, she has started doing things on her own. She is writing the date, opening pages, reading books, doing her work without any help in the online classes. She doesn’t need help with her daily routine as well. She completes her homework on time and is very eager to attend classes the next day Thanks to teachers and looking forward to seeing the same efforts in future as well
Rachana Shukla

Parent of Anaya Shukla - UKG

As discussed at the recent parents-teachers meeting, we thank you all for the continued support and for enabling our son’s education during this pandemic and offline classes as well. We are very happy with all the facilities provided and with the continued education irrespective of external changes (offline and online classes). We are grateful and thankful to all the teachers, faculty, support staff and the principal.
Tejus & Suhasini

Parents of Srihan T Kumandur – UKG

I just wanted to mention that my child is enjoying his classes. I see that he is engaged very well every day by all the teachers of his class. I wanted to provide small feedback & acknowledge the hard work put in by all the staff members of The Brigade School. I want to mention that his phonics teacher Mrs. Sudheer brings in that energy and a wonderful smile to all the children, and my son enjoys her classes a lot. Her encouragement and ensuring that each children gets a chance to speak in the class are very much appreciated. She plays a game called ‘Tumbai Tumbai’ which my son enjoys very much. Mrs. Roopa Shivakumar is also very supportive. Her way of teaching is very much appreciated. She explains the concept well and is very encouraging too.

The Maths teacher Mrs. Shroff ensures that every concept of Maths and numbers are very well understood by each child, she gives plenty of attention to everyone and boosts the confidence level in each child. My son enjoys the Maths classes and is very fond of learning numbers. He is keen to attend her classes always. Thanks to Mrs. Guruprasad, Mrs. Bhaskar, and Ms. Rander for supporting and helping students understand the concepts thoroughly.
Roopa Vasan

Parent of Hredaan Murthy is a part of UKG B

Greetings teachers! I’d like to give all of you the credit that you deserve for making the school one of the safest places for my child to learn. Since you started teaching her, my child Ridhi Pramod of UKG has become more confident and can do most things by herself. That’s quite amazing, and I’d like to thank you for all of the efforts put into my child’s education. Ms. Sudheer, Ms. Bhaskar and Ms. Shah are doing a great job.
Deepthi S

I want to express my gratitude for all the efforts you and your school have taken during this academic year. From day one, Arya has enjoyed every online class and is looking forward to school every day. I appreciate how the school has helped Arya learn his subjects and activities. My friends and family have started noticing Arya’s wonderful English accent. He’s doing surprisingly well with phonics and blending. He has gained tremendous speed in Mathematics and can do things very quickly. I can see Arya growing into a very smart and sharp person. All of this wouldn’t be possible without the schools’ efforts. Thank you for doing your best for the students, and for being very flexible in these trying times. The school’s willingness to try new things and helping the child innovate even from a distance is very much appreciated
Neha Sabarish

Parent of Arya Krishna GS –UKG TBSM

#BrigadeSchoolRocks ! I would pass on my sincere appreciation to you and your team for taking care of all the feedbacks. Usage of Google Forms and publishing homework in the Tribute portal makes our work as parents easy to review and catch up on the happenings in class. The Google Forms give a quick feedback cycle and help the children focus on where they have gone wrong. Evenn though I was skeptical about the back-to-back classes, initially, it is noticed that it works great, and my son enjoys them thoroughly. The staff is kind and gives their 200% to ensure that the learning continues. I want to call out the names of 2A teachers for their fantastic work. Please pass on the appreciation to them.  
  1. Ms. Bhat – English: for treating the children as equals. Truly appreciate her apologizing to a student for missing her name and correcting it then and there.
  2. Ms. Prakash – Maths: making the complex Math logic simple and ensuring all the children understand the concepts clearly. Reserving one of the math classes as an activity class is for applying the learning.
  3. Ms. Deepa – Science: Teaching with experiments and making the class very lively. The concept of air is taught beautifully with experiments.
  4. Ms. Chauhan: Hindi – the attention she gives to proper pronunciation and letter formation is amazing. This helps learn Hindi in a proper way especially for non-Hindi speakers like us.
  5. Ms. Kusuma – ‘Kannada: for being so patient with children and explaining each word beautifully.
  6. Circle time – I have missed taking down her name. But the content and the way such complex topics are introduced, hatted off. Circle time is something I enjoy and try to take some ideas and content to implement with my team at work. The course curriculum is fantastic and I consider it the best in class.
  7. Arts staff: With the given limitations of remote schooling they are doing a fantastic job with dance, singing, and drawing. Sincere appreciation to the entire staff for keeping all children engaged during classes.
Ramesh Vijayaraghavan

F/O Anirudh Ramesh-Standard 2A

“My daughter Harika Aruni S is in the Std 1 Section B. Now that two months of online classes are over, I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the work done by the teachers. I would mention the points below that I think are excellent from the teaching perspective:
  1. Materials and concepts used by the teachers to teach. These are excellent. My daughter gets enthused and attentive from the way the concepts are initiated.
  2. The speed of teaching is good and ensures that all children understand concepts.
  3. As I see it, the children are eager to answer questions that the teachers ask. I like the fact that teachers ask questions to the children based on the roll number. It ensures all children are covered and each child knows when it is their turn.
  4. My daughter is super excited when her teacher gives her a Google Form and she waits eagerly for the Google Forms at the end of the class.
Once again, thank you for making teaching a good learning experience and fun activity for the child.”

Parent of Harika Aruni S -Class1-Section.B

“The academic year 2020-2021 has been a very challenging one. As parents, we were worried about how this year was going to be for our children. Even when the online classes were announced, we were apprehensive about how a young child would cope with it. To get a child to listen attentively, especially when the teacher is not present physically is quite challenging. But all our doubts were put to rest once the classes started. We are really impressed by the way the whole academic year was handled. We would like to express our deepest gratitude to the teachers who have put in a huge amount of hard work to make it possible. It was heart-warming to see how each co-teacher was ready with the same materials as the main teacher and how effortlessly one would take over whenever there was a technical glitch. They managed to get complete attention from children as the sessions were interactive and they made sure every child got a chance to answer. Our child looked forward to each session, logged in way ahead of the class time so that he could show his homework to the teachers. It was not a big task for us to make him do the homework as the teacher would remind them before every session how they should be independent and do their work regularly. In normal circumstances, only during MSA day we parents get a glimpse of how our children are taught, when they showcase all their study materials. Due to the current scenario, we could see how the classes happen and now we know how our children get such strong basics in their subjects, especially English and Math. This academic year has been very different from usual. Children missed their playtime with friends, interaction with teachers and just being in their school. Hope everything gets back to normal soon and they get to meet their teachers before going to 1st standard. Once again we thank the school and teachers wholeheartedly for all the effort and patience.”

Mother of Aniq Sajid, UKG C.

“It was a wonderful experience to be a part of the Book Reading Session organised by your school on 28th July 2018. It was indeed delightful to know that young author of the book, ‘Good for Nothing Nalayak’ is an alumnus of The Brigade School. He enlightened and inspired all students with his experiences and encounters. It was a happy feeling to hear about his days at The Brigade School@ JP Nagar. Every word he said about the school is true. It is one of the few schools which nurtures holistic development. Thank you Brigade team for organising such special events. Congratulations Shiv Shankar Iyer and the Brigade school.”
Hema Srinivasan

(Parents of Shreya)

“We have been associated with the school since the academic year 2008. We are very happy with the school because it recognises each child’s individuality and understands his/her strengths. In addition to providing a structured academic curriculum, the school has a well thought out programme for co-curricular and extra-curricular activities – both within the school and on inter-school platforms. The teachers have worked (and continue to work) closely with us to improve the weaknesses while encouraging the children to demonstrate their strengths. The school provides each child the platform to demonstrate their capabilities and interests. Our children – Vighnesh Iyer (Class XI) and Vishnu Iyer (Class VIII) – have benefited immensely from this nurturing environment. Moreover, the support staff have always been very courteous and prompt in managing the environment around school. In our view, we are witnessing their growth into well rounded, happy young adults with an intent to go out there and do something. We are quite confident that they will do the school and us proud.”
Usha Sivaramkrishnan

(Parents of Vignesh and Vishnu Iyer’s)

“We really appreciate the efforts of the Team of Brigade School for conceptualizing the programme and guiding the children of Grade 1-3 to produce a beautiful annual day event, we could see the massive effort of your efficient teachers and support staff behind the show. Hat’s off to the dance teacher for her beautiful choreography. The children performed extremely well in all their respective roles. Nevertheless it was perfect because of the excellent teamwork. I want to especially thank and applaud the efforts of all the teachers who have worked tirelessly, and glad that tight security measures were taken up till they handed over our wards to us. This needs a lot of responsibility and goodwill and is well appreciated by the parents.”
Sarika Nayak

(Parent of Tanvi Nayak)

“I am extremely happy and satisfied with the teaching and all round grooming given to my son. He has been a student of The Brigade School@J.P. Nagar since its inception. I will always be indebted to the school and its teachers for the knowledge and the ‘VALUE SYSTEM’ inculcated in my son. Whether it be good values, knowledge in academics, sports, extra-curricular, The Brigade School @ JP Nagar has been very good. It’s a ‘beautiful blend’ of all the best things. The school also encourages all the students to give their best in whatever they do. They also takes extra efforts to conduct remediation classes for below average students such that they come up to the level of average students. I wish to sincerely thank The Brigade School for being instrumental in shaping a bright future for my son. Keep up the good work!”
Suman Ras

“My daughter, Ms Gowri Vivek cleared her class with an Honor Card. I am really proud of her, as it was her first year of tests and exams, and she did face issues during the first term evaluation. However, with the guidance of the class teacher, she has been able to do well. I particularly want to congratulate the team who set the question papers for her class. The questions were really probing, and only children who had studied the subject well could answer them well. Hats off for setting such questions papers!”
Dr Vivek

“We would like to thank you the school team for the fantastic support provided to us, the parents and my child Adhithya. A. “The school has always offered a variety of activities and he feels safe, secure and enjoys coming to the school, all because of the well-balanced approach to education.” He has had a beautiful journey in this school with all the wonderful teachers and the friends he has made. The progress in our son has been amazing and we are happy by how much he has been groomed in this school. Our best wishes to the wonderful team at The Brigade School at JP Nagar.”
Mr & Mrs G. Amudhan

“My Name is Raj Chate and my son is studying in Brigade School in JP Nagar in 5th Standard. I would like to take this opportunity to convey to you about the good experiences we had with Ms. Nair – his English teacher. Ms. Nair was his class teacher last year and she continues to be his english teacher this year. She has been an amazingly positive influence on my Son. She is easily approachable, goes out of the way to help if there is a requirement and commands respect from my son and most of his peers. Her feedback is always constructive and genuine during the parent teacher meeting and as a teacher she is always encouraging. My son feels proud to have a teacher like her. It is great to have a teacher of her stature, Request you to please pass on the sincere appreciation to her.”
Raj Chate

“We are Veena and Prasad, parents of Pranav Balan. P, 3 B and Maya Thamara. P, nursery B. Just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with the school. We love the way all staff members are so dedicated and kind. The day begins on a happy note by the way the security staff help us with crossing the busy road. Ms. Narayan at the reception is always helpful with any queries. We love the fact that kids have cubbies for their use. It definitely reduces the burden of carrying heavy books daily and teaches them the responsibility of bringing home books which they feel they need to revise. The teachers are so kind, patient and considerate especially Mrs. Ghosh, Mrs. Bhaskar, Mrs. Naidu, Mrs. Ramesh. We are sure the other teachers are like that too (have not met them personally). We ourselves do not have that much patience as the teachers. We want to say they are doing a great job and we feel safe with the school.”
Veena and Prasad

“Congratulations to The Brigade School in J.P.Nagar on completing a decade in the field of education. This mail is to appreciate the efforts of the Team of Brigade School for conceptualizing and guiding the children of Grade 1-3 for the beautiful Annual Day event it presented to us last evening. We could see the massive effort behind the show put in by the efficient teachers and support staff. Hat’s off to the dance teachers for their beautiful choreography. The children performed extremely well in all their respective roles. Nevertheless, it was perfect because of the excellent teamwork. I want to thank and applaud the efforts of all the teachers who have worked tirelessly and I am also glad that tight security measures have been taken up till they handed over our wards to us. This needs a lot of responsibility and goodwill and is well appreciated by the parents.”
Sarika Nayak

(Parent of Tanvi Nayak - Grade III-A)

“It was a wonderful programme today. We enjoyed it a lot. The costumes, colours, choreography, coordination … were simply mind blowing. We realized that our son Pranav Balan of Std 2B has grown more confident after seeing his dance show. What a change from his Nursery days as a toddler! Thank you ma’am and thanking all his teachers from Nursery, Primary, Dance, Music and Sports for making him what he is today. We are very happy with the school.”
Veena and Prasad

“I’m writing to you to let you know that my wife Swapna & I are very happy with the progress our son Bhargav has made this year. We were pleasantly surprised to see him read whole words by himself with the help of phonics. We see a marked improvement in him this year as he tells us about the things he learns in school more often. We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the teachers & everyone involved for their effort & guidance. A special thank you to the class teacher Mrs. Kamesh. Our son is really fond of her and is probably going to miss her next year. Please pass on our thanks & appreciation of her”
Shiva & Swapna

(Parents of Bhargav Vallabhaneni - LKG-D section)

“Staring June 2015, we will be shifting our residence from current JP Nagar to Bellandur. With the residence shift, The Brigade School (JP Nagar) will not be geographical viable. I would request you to kindly guide us on what should be done for this school transfer. Our experience with the school has been just excellent. You all have done a wonderful job and we will always be grateful for that. We are still in the process of finalizing the schools for our children. Any reference will be greatly appreciated.”
Utpal Das & Pranita Das

“Dear ma’am I am Veena Prasad , mother of Pranav Balan. P, 3 b and Maya Thamara. P, nursery b. I got the chance to sit through a Special Assembly last Friday. It was to celebrate World Environment Day. The programme put up by the seniors was very spontaneous, clear and crisp. We loved the way it was presented. The best thing I noticed was that you took the time to remind the children of the key points in the assembly even after dismissal. I could sense the involvement. Thank you. Also the security personnel at the gate (older gentleman – sorry I do not know his name) has been doing an amazing job for the past few months. I feel happy.”

“Cheers to you all at The Brigade School. Ma’am I am Anish Mukund Mandayam’s(Standard 9A) mother, Priya Mukund. It was a pleasure meeting you at the orientation programme on Saturday. Ma’am as I mentioned to you Anish is a budding guitarist and member of the band called Symphonic Eternity. It is a 4 member band in which Vijay Ganeshan of Standard 9A is a bass guitarist. I am happy to tell you that Anish and his band members were invited by Deccan Chronicle on Saturday for an interview. Their interview is going to be published in tomorrow’s(9th June) edition of the paper. I am also happy to tell you that the band was invited to perform a special act in front of a cheering crowd and renowned musicians and judges, Luke Kenny, Supratik Ghosh and a few others who were very impressed with them. I like to thank the Brigade School for their love and support to these young musicians. It would be my pleasure to send a copy of the paper to the school.”
Priya. Mukund

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