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The relationship a child shares with their grandparents is to be cherished. To strengthen this bond, the UKG students of The Brigade School @ J P Nagar celebrated ‘Grandparents’ Day on Thursday, 28th July 2022.

The event started with welcoming the grandparents and the other dignitaries present. The students themselves did the compering of the show, encouraging their grandparents to participate in the activities planned for them. Our confident little ones of UKG ‘C’ sang a beautiful song. UKG ‘B’ also did a well-synchronised dance.

The school theme for this year is Spain, and our enthusiastic students encouraged their grandparents to walk the ramp using Spanish accessories and props that brought out the colours and culture of Spain.

The grandparents participated enthusiastically and the auditorium buzzed with excitement as they walked the ramp.

Grandparents always walk with us and show us the way. At this event, the roles were reversed for a short while. Our students of UKG ‘A’ taught their grandparents simple dance steps to a foot-tapping Spanish number.

There was a surprise for the grandparents at the end of the show. The teachers had written down the lovely things the students had expressed about their grandparents. These notes of affection were typed and made into little displays for the grandparents to take home. The Selfie Booth was an added attraction. The joy shared by the grandparents and children has inspired the school to do more each year to preserve this bond.

The event ended on a happy note with the grandparents thanking the school for arranging this interactive session. They were eagerly looking forward to the next Grandparents’ Day!

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