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A Week Well Spent: Wrapping Up Orientation Week

The invigorating week of the Staff Orientation concluded with some much-needed relaxation before the students returned to school on Monday.

The programme began with an address by Mr. Shivayogi Kalasad, CEO of the Brigade Foundation. He explained the significance of the school motto, ‘O nanna chetana aagu nee aniketana’ and linked its essence to learning. He said it was important to inspire the students to participate in all activities and succeed.

The Art and Performing Art department teachers heralded in the new academic year with a new theme for the year – Persia, with a delightful programme.

The music department presented their interpretation of Persian & Arabian music traversing the musical spectrum of Persia. They fused genres like musicals, pop, and folk with distinct sounds and textures. The music teachers rendered some of the songs in the Farsi language.

The hectic schedule of teacher demos and POW discussions did not deter the creative spirit of the Art department – they displayed some beautiful Persian Art.

The dance department presented a stunning performance of dance styles from Persia, blending authentic Persian folk styles with belly dance and freestyle.

Orientation training for the staff happens in every organisation. But there is something unique and intriguing about the orientation week conducted at The Brigade Schools. Some teachers who joined us for this academic year shared their views and experiences of the orientations. They said that it was beneficial, and they were able to learn a lot.
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