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Sports Day at TBSM – The Ultimate Showdown

August 29th marked the culmination of an exciting series of sporting events that started on June 16th, 2023.

A bright day, ideal for outdoor sports, and the atmosphere charged with anticipation as the Sports Day event approached. Mr. Cheria, the Administrator of The Brigade Schools, delivered a motivating address underlining the importance of sports, setting the tone for the day. This was followed by a Torch Run, with the torchbearers being students who had earned recognition for our school and state in the world of sports. The torch’s flame symbolized the spirit of sportsmanship and integrity that sports instil in us.

The first event was the 100m sprint for girls and boys, which had everyone on the edge of their seats. Vijayanagara House sprinted to victory in the boys’ category, while Ganga House claimed the top spot in the girls’ 100-meter sprint.

This year’s theme was Rajasthan, a state that encapsulates the essence of Incredible India. To truly experience Rajasthan, one must savour the vibrant spirit of its people. To capture this fervour, our students performed the Ghumar dance, adorned in elaborate costumes, providing a perfect interlude.

In the 4×100 boys’ relay, Vijayanagara House showcased their dominance, securing victory, while in the girls’ category, it was the Ganga House who emerged triumphant.

Ganga seemed to be establishing its supremacy on the track, though Vijayanagara, Hoysala, and Chalukya gave them tough competition.

The Aerobics competition commenced, showcasing captivating performances from Vijayanagara and Ganga Houses. Ganga House outshone the rest and ultimately claimed the trophy.

In the 4x100m mixed relay, Ganga House once again seized the title. As spectators, we were treated to remarkable performances by all four houses, contributing to the overall vibrancy of the event.

Ganga House secured the title of the Best House in sports, grades 9 to 12 category. Ashwin Hamsaneni of grade 12 from the same House earned the accolade as the best Senior Sportsperson of the year.

The intramural sporting event was concluded, and the school flag was ceremoniously folded and handed over to our Principal, Ms Parthasarathy.

Our takeaway from this event is that, in the world of sports, no athlete is defined solely by their team or jersey; they are united by sportsmanship, camaraderie, and mutual respect.

Madhav Menon
Std 11B
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