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Swimming Gala

The annual Swimming Gala was held on August 11, 2023, at The Brigade School, Mahadevapura. Boys and girls from all three Brigade Schools enthusiastically participated in diverse categories. The Gala commenced with a March Past, featuring contingents representing the three Brigade Schools. The students from The Brigade School, Malleswaram, dazzled the audience with an inaugural swimming performance – synchronised swimming, an elegant fusion of gymnastics and ballet in the water. The swimmers flawlessly matched movements as they swam with remarkable speed and grace.

Mr. Cheria, the Administrator of The Brigade Schools, officially declared the swimming gala open. Aharnishi K. V, a ninth-grade student from The Brigade School@Malleswaram, administered the oath to all the participating students.

The Swimming Gala showcased enthusiasm, physical prowess, and a variety of swimming strokes. The events included the 25-meter Freestyle, Kickboard, 25-meter Butterfly stroke, Freestyle, 25-meter Backstroke, 25-meter Breaststroke, and the exhilarating 4×25-meter Relay. Students displayed exceptional skills and secured a plethora of prizes across the various events.

A dedicated team of timekeepers stood at one end of the pool with their stopwatches while students cheered on their respective teams from the sidelines. The relay races, as always, generated immense excitement and fervour.

Mrs Karthik, Deputy BF Head, formally declared the Gala closed. Following this, the school flags were gracefully lowered and passed from Mr Joseph, the Principal of The Brigade School in Malleswaram, to Mrs Reena Suresh, the Principal of The Brigade School, Mahadevapura.

The Swimming Gala concluded on a happy note, with participants and spectators enjoying the event.
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