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August was a great month with lots of new learning opportunities. We can now handle the telephone by ourselves- we learnt proper phone etiquette skills and now know how to answer the telephone. In our phonics class, we learned to trace the letter ‘g’ on sandpaper. We use different modalities to learn, thereby ensuring we remember our content. In our math class, we are learning about different shapes and we also coloured the shapes to help us remember them. In our Montessori class, we worked on Touch Tablets to understand the difference between rough and smooth textures

Did you know we did something fun in our Composite Science class? My friends and I became ‘little chefs’ while learning about the continent of Europe! We helped our teachers to make pasta and it was so enjoyable cooking with my friends and even more fun eating the pasta! The next activity that couldn’t keep us in our seats was the ‘free play’ period. We played musical chairs, and it taught us how to take turns and how to follow the rules of a game. My friends and I enjoyed the storytelling session conducted by our teachers. We look forward to the stories and our teachers make it so interesting!
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