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Nursery We became little scientists in August! In our Composite Science class, we conducted an experiment to understand that water travels through the stem of the plants to the leaves and to the petals. It was magical to see the petals change colour! We love to play in sand, but we also learn our numbers using sand. In our math class, we traced numbers 1- 5 using the sand tray. Tracing in sand helps us to remember our number formation. In our Montessori class, we worked with Colour Tablets to help us understand the different shades of colours. We learnt that there are so many variations to each colour. In our arts and crafts class, we enjoyed ourselves with sponge printing. We used different colours to make beautiful pictures. We had numerous activities that we enjoyed this month, but the best was the organised games. We played the red light and green light game and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves!
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