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This month was about being independent and we showcased this skill by learning to roll a pair of socks by ourselves! We also showed our ability to blend and read words using the alternatives of ’ee.’ We also learnt a and an’ and now can use it correctly. We learnt new concepts in our math subject using the Abacus. First, we learned to draw quantities for a given number, then we also learned to count the quantities and write the number. In our Montessori class, we worked with the association of bead and card material to help us understand the decimal system. We did an engaging activity for our composite science class- we made and coloured templates on the different seasons in a year. We celebrated Independence Day at school and understood the meaning of patriotism and that we are responsible for our world and environment. Finally, we participated in an engaging storytelling session conducted by our teachers. Though we are getting older, some things never change- listening to stories told by our teachers!
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