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We Indians have one great talent that the world admires but what we take for granted and do not appreciate… and that is the ability to shift from one language to the other effortlessly.

To celebrate our multilingualism and the beauty of our different languages, let us commence by appreciating some of our iconic poetry. Most of them are pieces that we as Indians know and some maybe not so well but send a special message – in Kannada, Hindi & English.

With this in mind, we are organising a Poetry Slam across the school from UKG to Std 12. The students will be divided into Sub-junior (UKG – Std 3), Junior (Std 4-8) and Senior (Std 9-12).

Each class is given a poem which all students must learn by heart. This is individually presented to the judges who will select the finalists based on specific criteria. The Poetry Slam incorporates several key elements – spoken word poetry, performance, and competition. The Poetry Slam will give the students the opportunity to learn poems from distinguished poets, appreciate the nuances of the poem and recite them in engaging ways, while thoroughly enjoying the process.
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