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Special Moments – Grandparents’ Day

Grandparents build the strong foundation of every family. The unique relationship that a child shares with his or her grandparents is to be cherished. To honour them and to strengthen this everlasting bond of love and care, the students of UKG celebrated Grandparents’ Day on Friday, 28th July 2023. The students hosted the show themselves and welcomed the grandparents in Kannada and English. Their confidence on stage and the ease with which they spoke was impressive, to say the least.

To begin the programme, our little ones of UKG ‘A’ sang a beautiful Hindi song called“Dada Dadi”, expressing the love they have for their grandparents. The venue lit up with bright smiles from the grandparents.

The children of UKG‘D’charmed the audience with their well-synchronised dance to a Rajasthani folk song. Their energy and enthusiasm were laudable.

Grandparents have always held our hands and helped us walk through life. Here, the roles were reversed for a while. Our students of UKG ‘B’ taught their grandparents some simple dance moves to a foot-tapping Rajasthani folk number. The grandparents added to the vibrance of the event with their spontaneous participation which called for an encore.

The Kannada song, sung by the children of UKG’C’, set the perfect mood for the day’s programme. Their voices expressed the unconditional love they have for their grandparents.

The grandparents participated in the Ramp Walk led by the teachers to showcase the colours and culture of Rajasthan which is our theme for the year.The stage buzzed with life as they walked the rampwearing colourful Rajasthani props.

Some grandparents volunteered to share a few words with us, thanking the school for arranging such an interactive session. “A rare and precious opportunity indeed,” commented most of them. There was a little surprise for the grandparents at the end of the show. We spoke to all the children during their classes and took down the lovely things they had to say about their grandparents. These beautiful notes of affection were typed and made into little fridge magnets for the grandparents as keepsakes. The grandparents enjoyed taking photographs at the Photo Booth, wonderful moments with their grandchildren.

The delight on the faces of these grandparents and the children left us inspired to do more every year to preserve this bond.
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