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Brigade Foundation celebrated “Passion with Compassion” on 20th Dec 2023. This event was organised to donate the funds raised through SprintFest and Carnival to our beneficiaries, the Sampark Foundation, the Humanist Centre of Medicine working with CyteCare, and the Jeevan Aadhar Medical Foundation, founded by Dr. Neelesh Reddy and Dr. Manjunath Doshetty.

Our students had worked relentlessly for months to organise and conduct these events with commitment and enthusiasm. The event was to congratulate and express gratitude towards all the students, parents, well-wishers, and donors who made these events an astounding success.

The programme started with the welcome address by the principal of The Brigade School @ J P Nagar, Ms. Parthasarathy, followed by the auspicious lighting of the lamp ceremony. Following this was the screening of the videos of the events which brought back all the delights of SprintFest and Carnivals.

It was truly an inspiration to hear Ms. Shankar, Founder of The Brigade Schools address the gathering, explaining the ethos of Passion with Compassion and how this idea is strongly instilled in every student.

The beneficiaries were introduced through videos showcasing their exemplary work in providing dedicated medical assistance and education to those in need. Ms. Shankar presented the cheques to the beneficiaries who expressed their gratitude and appreciation to our students for being resolute in extending a helping hand towards the betterment of the community.

The winners of the Poetry Slam were also felicitated, and the auditorium cheered the proud recipients with great enthusiasm.

The students of Std 3 at The Brigade School @ J P Nagar brought in beaming smiles in the auditorium with their sweet rendition of the popular verse composed by T P Kailasam, set to the tune of the song, ‘It’s a Long Way to Tipperary’ The programme culminated with a fusion dance recital, celebrating ‘Passion with Compassion’ – spreading kindness and making a difference! This was performed by the students of Std 8 and 9 at The Brigade School @ J P Nagar.

All invitees relived the mirth and memories of the fundraiser events while enjoying some delicious snacks, hot coffee, and a bit of tete-a-tete with friends and patrons.
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