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Challenges and Exam Stress- Bring It On! – Part 2

In part 1 of this series, we spoke about some meaningful quotes that would help us jump-start our preparations for exams. However, what would keep those preparations continue? In part 2, we are going to discuss the few absolute essentials that will keep the momentum going.

TIME TABLE- The first essential aspect of exam preparation is creating a ‘meaningful, achievable and practical timetable.’ Your study schedule helps you to allocate the appropriate time to every task that needs to be completed and ensures time is not wasted on irrelevant things. However, one should be prudent on how the time is structured- keep more time for difficult or lengthy topics, ensure there are short and adequate breaks between subjects and have a good mix of easy/likable subjects with the difficult ones. Last but not the least, a timetable is meaningful only if you stick to it! So, ‘Your time is now!”

TIME MANAGEMENT– Managing time properly can help you boost your productivity and help in giving a good school-leisure balance. When you can manage your time, you can get more done in less time and this is primarily because you work ‘smarter and use time wisely’. Here are some tips for effectively managing time-
a.) Make realistic plans- don’t bite more than you can chew!
b.) Plan ahead– start early.
c.) Create a timetable- timetable and time management ‘stick and tick together!’
d.) Do not procrastinate- The right time is NOW.
e.) One task at a time- no distractions.

HEALTHY EATING– The food we eat contributes to our well-being. Good and balanced foods help to maintain a healthy body. Exam periods can be stressful and eating unhealthy foods or missing meals can not only cause physical disturbances, but it can also lead to deprivation of essential vitamins and minerals that are needed for attention, memory, and concentration. Some ‘food for thought’-
a.) Never skip meals.
b.) Be hydrated- Water and not soda!
c.) Take healthy snacks- restrict binge and junk food eating.
d.) Fruits and Vegetables- these actually work!

HEALTHY SLEEP PATTERNS– The best food for the brain is adequate rest and sleep! During exam periods, one of the first requirements that gets ignored is ‘adequate sleep.’ Just as much as the body needs to rest, so does the mind for it to be able to harness its’ true potential. A tired and unrested mind will not be of any help during exams. Some pointers for a good night’s sleep-
a.) Make time for sleep- plan your day to ensure you get at least 6-8 hours of sleep.
b.) Keep gadgets away- do not sleep with your phone/tab next to you.
c.) Do not go to bed on an empty stomach- have a glass of warm milk or a small snack to keep the ‘rumblings’ away!
d.) Clear your mind- with academics on your mind, this might be difficult but indulging in mundane chores before bedtime can be of help- sort your table, spend a few quiet moments with your family, and some ‘me time’ in the balcony or in a quiet place in the house can help to settle the mind before sleep.

An action becomes a habit only with practice and time. So, begin implementing these suggestions at least 15 days prior to your exams and experience a positive change in yourself!
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