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Challenges and Exam Stress- Bring It On! – Part 3

Part 2 of the series saw our discussion on strategies and the essential requirements needed to build momentum and to keep the momentum going before exams. Our final piece will culminate in all the discussions we have had. Children can use these experiences for future growth.

Let Go
The last two years of Covid have changed our way of life, for better or for worse. One irreplaceable loss that a large group of people has foregone is the loss of exercise. Physical exercise has a plethora of benefits ranging from a healthy body and mind to improving social skills, engaging with the community, and a low-cost/no-cost way of destressing the mind! This humorous anonymous quote “ Life was much easier when ‘Apple and Blackberry’ were just fruits” beautifully summarises it. Learn to draw the line between a healthy use of gadgets to obsessing over them. Consciously and regularly exercise- a walk or a jog, a good swim or cycling, a visit to the gym or some calming yoga are all the right things to do to keep the body fit and the mind energised. “ Let Go- To Gain More!”

‘All we need is confidence – Charlie Brown.” Self-confidence is an attitude about your skills and abilities. Simply put – accept your strengths and weaknesses, have a sense of control in your life and live a life with a positive view of yourself, knowing that you have given it your best shot and have done your due diligence, ‘diligently!’

As a student, you have prepared for this day and worked hard to get here. Believe in yourself and the efforts that you have put in and trust yourself for doing the right thing. When you stumble on an obstacle, don’t dwell on failure. Treat yourself with kindness and compassion.

This too shall pass
Everything good or bad will pass and the journey continues. Remember, you have given it your best shot and don’t fret over the results, for it is not in your hands to control it. Enjoy the successes; accept the failures and bear in mind that the path is as important as the destination.

There are many more roads to take, doors to open and new learnings to acquire. Tread with care but with confidence; make mistakes and learn from them; be adventurous but use caution and most importantly, there is so much more to learn and grow, to see and enjoy!

We wish our students the best that life has to offer- Take the world, it is very much within your grasp! Good Luck in all your endeavours.
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