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Ever Radiant and Enticing! – Children’s Day celebration at The Brigade School @ J.P. Nagar

Date: Friday, November 17, 2023

Venue: The Brigade School @ J.P. Nagar Campus

It is always bright, energetic, and colourful at The Brigade School @ J.P. Nagar but that Friday it was special, as the school was an effulgent stream of students, bedecked in a myriad of colours. It was the Children’s Day Special Assembly conducted by our loving teachers. It started with our Principal, Ms. Parthasarthy addressing the gathering with a heartwarming message on the affection that all staff have for the student community.

Post this uplifting speech, the teachers administered the Morning Prayer, the Pledge, and the Thought for the Day. We had Ms. Karamadai and Ms. Hart anchor the enthralling programme.

The programme started with cultural performances that continued to captivate the audience. The inaugural dance performance by the Pre-Primary teachers left us spellbound. The Fashion Show involved the teachers across different departments and grades and showcased the concept of using recycled material to develop costumes. It was a tremendous success, peppered with humour and creativity.

At this point, the energy level of the show spiked with a power-packed performance by the dance teachers, Mr. Renil and Mr. Hemant leaving the audience transfixed. Our dance teachers and their peers continued the wave and amazed us all.

Whilst the crowd was wondering why there was no music, Mr. Justin with the drum kit and Mr. Reuben with the acoustic guitar, followed by our musically talented group of teachers took over the stage with their melody and harmony. Their songs were a testimony to the affection, concern, and care for children shown by all teachers at the school for their students.

We wished that the programme never ended and wondered how our teachers, despite a busy schedule, could pull off such an indescribable programme. This truly reflects the kind of affection they have for us.

Madhav Menon

Std 11 B
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