News & Events / Composite Science: Making a Model of a Lake at The Brigade Schools



Subject: Composite Science – Class: 2 ABCD
Earth’s Hydrosphere
Name of Activity: Making a Model of a Lake

Objective: 1. to learn to make a model of a lake with clay

2. to learn the structure of a lake

Description of Activity:

The students of class 2 entered the fascinating world of Earth’s hydrosphere with a hands-on activity about making different kinds of water bodies!

It was an interesting activity where they could create their own lakes! This activity was not just about making the lakes and ponds; it was a magical journey to understand how they are formed. They learnt that not all water bodies are the same – some get cosy with land from all sides, while others go with the flow like rivers and seas.

The activity was enjoyable, and the students got a new understanding of the Earth’s watery wonders. Learning has never been so much fun.
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