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INTRAMURAL DEBATE COMPETITION & Reflexion – The Brigade School @ J P Nagar

This year, the topic for the debate was ‘Humanity is better today than what it will be 100 years ahead of time.’

An Intramural Debate Competition was held for Standard 9 to 12 during the MSA periods. The topic for the debate was ‘Humanity is better today than what it will be 100 years ahead of time.’

Vishnu Iyer (XII B), Agni Deepak (XII B), Saket P Rao (XI B), Yash Sultania (XI-A), Vishal Joy (XII A), and Harshavardhan Madhan (XII A) were the speakers. Vivian Shaurya (XII B) was the moderator. Each speaker had two minutes to present their views. There was a rebuttal round thereafter. The students discussed and presented their points of view with clarity and reasoning.

The judges were Ms. Jyoti Venkatesh, Ms.Lakshmi Balakrishnan, and Ms.Chander. They judged the speakers based on content, fluency, rebuttal and body language.

The winners of the debate competition were Agni Deepak (1st place), Yash Sultania (2nd place), and Saket P Rao (3rd place). They went on to participate in the Symposium -Reflexion 2022-23 held on 26th July 2022 at the MLR Convention Centre.

The Face Off

Pressure Makes Diamonds: Peer and Parental Pressure was the topic chosen for the debate, as it was something the students could relate to and talk about their experiences.

Ragini Ramanujam, alumnus batch of 2020-21, moderated the debate. The debaters spoke on both aspects of the topic, laced with seriousness and humour. Their convincing arguments left the audience with much food for thought. The participants faced the rebuttals with confidence. The participants displayed a sound analysis of the topic while facing impromptu questions from the audience.

The Principals of TBSG, TBSW, and dignitaries from the Brigade Foundation attended the event. The students of Std 9- 12, including the students from TBSG and TBSW, were a keen audience. They posed questions to the debate participants.

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