News & Events / December Musings LKG 2023



December was a fun month that we celebrated with our friends at school! In our Phonics class we learnt the letter sound ‘y’ and did an interesting colouring activity to reinforce our learning. In our Mathematics class we honed our number skills by counting the objects and writing the numbers that match. While in our Composite Science class, we became young botanists! We observed roots of the plant and learnt to name it appropriately. We have been working on being independent and in our EPL class we learnt how to carefully select a napkin from a stack and place it down neatly. Did you know there are numerous things that one can do with shapes? We used different types of shapes to help us draw stick figures. Finally, in our organised games period, we walked on the beam to help us learn how to balance and walk properly. By the time we finished learning all these different concepts, we had come to the end of December and were ready for our winter break!
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