News & Events / December Musings Nursery 2023



December was a month filled with celebrations and we enjoyed ourselves being a part of these celebrations. In our circle time class, we learnt new skills that helped us to develop our independence. We made delicious orange juice and a lip-smacking fruit salad which we shared with our friends. Through these activities we learnt the different types of fruits and the process to make juice and a salad. While in our phonics class, we participated in a matching activity -matching the first letter sound with a picture card. While in our Math class, we revised shapes, circle and square by colouring them in our books. We also revised our numbers 1-9 by counting objects for the same and matching it with the correct numeral.

In our Montessori class we worked with Cylinder Blocks to learn visual discrimination of height and diameter. We have become little globe trotters in our Composite Science class- we coloured the flags of the world. Christmas and New Year are just around the corner and we are eagerly waiting to enjoy the holidays with our friends and family!
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