News & Events / December Musings UKG 2023



December is one of our favourite months of the year. We have Christmas and New Year to celebrate with our family and friends! In our Circle Time class, we discussed the joy of giving and also learnt how to wrap presents. Now, I can surprise my parents with a neatly wrapped gift! The next activity that we did in our class was learning to use simple utensils to make a snack- we learnt how to use the utensils, how to maintain hygiene and the safety rules to follow. In our phonics class, we have now started doing picture composition and this helps us to develop our observation and writing skills. This was a fun activity as we now can start writing better and make longer sentences! Additionally, in our Montessori class, we worked on Dynamic Addition by adding two small numbers to get a larger number. One of our best activities for this month was in our Composite Science class, we became little chefs! We enjoyed making a fruit salad and had a fruit salad party in our class! December was about becoming independent and we cannot wait to find out what excitement 2024 will bring for us!
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