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Experiential Learning

Pre-Primary Mind Space Activity Day – The Brigade School @ J.P. Nagar

The corridors of the pre-primary section at The Brigade School @ J.P. Nagar buzzed with excitement on Tuesday, January 23, 2024, Mind Space Activity Day (MSA) for pre-primary students.

The atmosphere was filled with energy as the young learners showcased their talents and skills. From mastering Phonics to navigating Montessori activities, every moment was a testament to the potential of these little ones. They showed off their understanding of the animal kingdom, nature’s wonders, and the vast expanse of continents, bringing their knowledge to life through captivating presentations and interactive sessions that impressed the parents.

The event started with a poem recitation titled “Nature’s Harmony,” an ode to the beauty of the natural world. The children’s delivery was excellent and impressive. Following this, the stage came alive with “The Smartest Giant in Town,” a play that showcased the children’s voice modulation and stage presence.

As teachers guided parents through the different classrooms, they got a glimpse into the learning journey of their little ones. From observing the intricacies of language development to mathematical prowess, parents gained insights into the knowledge of their children. Moreover, they were given a sneak peek into the enriching world of Art and Performing Arts classes.

The feedback board stood as a testament to the appreciation from parents, who expressed their delight and admiration for the programme. The parents were given block-printed envelopes as keepsakes to remember this MSA Day.
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