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We did numerous activities during February. In our phonics class, we learned the letter ‘W’ and coloured the pictures that begin with this letter sound. In our maths class, we revised the numbers 1-9 and learned to associate the quantities with the numbers through a matching activity. We did a pegging activity in our Montessori class to improve our hand-eye coordination. Through these activities, our pincer grip also improves, which is essential for our writing skills. Our knowledge about the world around us continues to increase. In our Composite Science class, we learnt about the fish and its parts, its habitat, food habits, and how to maintain an aquarium.

My friends and I did an exciting activity in our APA class. We mixed paint with coarsely crushed chalk powder to paint tree leaves. We created different textures for the leaves through this medium and thoroughly enjoyed the activity! One of the most fun activities in our class is the puppet show. Our teachers created a fantastic puppet show called ‘It Isn’t Nice to be Angry.’ Through this story, we understand that anger is also an emotion. However, it isn’t lovely to always be angry; we must learn to control and express our anger appropriately.
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